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2nd February 2020

We have had another good week in Year 1. I can’t believe it is the end of January already, 2020 is just whizzing!

English: We have begun reading, ‘Katie Morag and Tiresome Ted’. We thought about how Katie Morag was feeling and why this was. They wowed me with their vocabulary, some of their language to describe how they thought Katie was feeling when the new baby arrives was so impressive. They used mature words and phrases like, ‘lonely, upset, despair, hopeless, left out, jealous, dismayed, alone.’ The children thought about questions they could write in a letter to Katie Morag and ways they could cheer her up.

Maths: We added one digit numbers to teen numbers. We partitioned the teen number into the 10’s and 1’s and then added the ones together and added this onto the tens. The children could again do the maths but found the recording of the part, part whole, tricky. We have moved on to subtraction and used two different strategies, counting backward in ones and subtracting by crossing out. The children have worked hard and have a solid understanding of these two strategies.

Phonics: We have been focusing on split digraphs, (this used to be called magic ‘e’). We have talked about when the ‘e’ is added the vowel doesn’t say its sound which they have already learnt but says its name. So pet becomes Pete, tub becomes tube with magic ‘e’ making the vowel say its name. We have looked at all 5 vowels and words associated with these. So a-e as in make, cake, shape, e-e as in Pete, theme, even, i-e as in inside, slide, nice, prize, o-e as in home, phone, throne and u-e as in tube, huge, excuse. It is really important that the children are able to identify these in their reading.

Science: The children were taught about herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. They sorted animals into these groups, and we have tried to talk about different animals and what they eat and which category they fit into. My sister, who is a year 6 teacher, was looking at my books this weekend and said she was doing similar work with her year 6’s! It is a year 1 science objective but to ensure the knowledge is embedded the children need to keep using the language involved, which we do in our daily dashboard.

Sorry this didn’t get posted on Friday my internet has been down at home, (much to my children’s dismay)! See you tomorrow.

Sara Welsh

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