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2nd February 2018

We’ve had a busy week; the pantomime was fabulous, and the children really enjoyed it.

English: We compared the two Grandmas in the Katie Morag story, we thought of adjectives and descriptions of Grannie Island and Grandma Mainland. The children though about similarities for example both Grannies love Katie Morag and differences Grannie Island wears farming clothes and Grandma Mainland wear smart clothes.

Maths: We have moved on to subtraction and used two different strategies, counting backward in ones and subtracting by crossing out. The children have worked hard and have a solid understanding of these two strategies.

Phonics: The children have learnt the alternative for ‘er’ - ‘ir’ as in bird, girl and twirl, ‘oo’ – ‘ue’ as in argue, blue and cue and ‘oi’ – ‘oy as in joy, annoy and toy. They have been reading and writing these words.

Science: The children listened to and discussed the story of The Three Pigs, they thought of all the materials used to build a house and recorded these.

RE: The children thought about different Special and Sacred Places, they talked about what was special. We discussed what would make a place of worship special to a Christian and the children thought of questions to ask a believer about the place of worship that they go to. The children went to our church in small groups and took photos of the objects within the church that they though were the most important to a believer, we shared their ideas as a PowerPoint. The children went back to church and drew what they felt were significant to them.

Have a super weekend.

Sara Welsh

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