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29th September 2017

This week has been mostly about pirate ships! We have designed, built, talked about and written about our pirate ships and had lots of fun!

Maths: We have continued with the language of more than, greater than, less than, fewer than, equals to and the same as. We have added in greatest and least to the sets of objects we have been looking at.  Please continue to use the language at home to really embed this learning.

Science: We had done lots of experimenting with floating and sinking. We looked at a range of balls made of different materials, e.g. glass marble, ping-pong ball, rubber ball, tennis ball etc. We predicted with each one if they would float or sink and where the water level would come up to on the ball if it would float.

DT: Our design brief was to create a ship which would float holding treasure (a 2 pence piece!) The children designed and made their pirate ships and had great fun although I am not convinced how closely they stuck to their designs! I can’t wait until Monday when we see which ships will float and which will sink. We will also try and work out why!

English: We have been working on the following sentences.  My ship is …. . It is …. and … . The children had a photo of their ship taken and gave it a name. They then described it with their second sentence.

Phonics:  The children have continued working on the phase 3 sounds especially ng, ai and air and have looked at words which contain these sounds. They have been reading lots of words and continued to recognise the two letters one sound in words.

RE: We have continued examining the parable of the Lost Son. The children thought of the literal end to the story, the father being happy at his sons return and throwing a party and recorded this on the outside of an envelope. They then thought about the hidden message that Jesus was trying to show in this parable; God loves us and forgives us.  

This week: The children have come home with library books. These are to share and enjoy at home. These books only need to be returned on your child’s next library day which is every other week. I will let you know which group is on which day in my next blog. (I haven’t brought the timetable home with me!)

Hot dinners: Many children are ordering jacket potato every day which is why I sent home the sheet to highlight meals you think your child will enjoy. If you haven’t filled it in and you want us to encourage your child to have a more varied diet than a daily jacket potato please let me know and I can send another sheet!  

That’s all for this week!

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Sara Welsh

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