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WOW! What an amazing week! Mrs Medlicott and I have just kept on being amazed at the progress the children have made. They have come back to school after the Easter break and just seem so much more grown up in height and maturity. We have started our new topic Jambo Wanyama (Hello Animals). This topic will focus on Africa and the animals who live there. It promises to be a really enjoyable term.

English: We have started looking at the book ‘The Lion Inside’ we have so far only looked at the front cover and first page and from this we have written questions, collected adjectives and expanded noun phrases and then written a setting description. The children also independently wrote their Easter news which was lovely to read.

Maths: We have finished the review of the place value chapter and have moved onto word problems which are quite tricky. The children have to unpick what the question is asking them to do and then do the maths!

Phonics: We have done lots of recapping and revising all the sounds and alternative sounds learnt. On Thursday we did a fact file on the sound ‘ar’ as in artist, chart, alarm, tar and garden. We thought a lot about the position of the digraph in each word and practised writing it backwards, in rainbow writing and in capital letters. ar has been a diagraph we have identified as a tricky sound when the children are reading and writing phonetically.

The children were thinking that the new topic had also brought the African weather – long may it continue! Please remember sun hats, sun cream and water bottles every day.

Sara Welsh

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