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Your children are just fantastic, it is making us sad how grown up they are getting as we can tell they will soon be Year 2’s (and I don’t want them to move on!) Well the African weather with our Africa topic didn’t stay around for long! What is our weather doing? We’ve gone from summer hats back to hats, gloves and scarves this week!

English: We have continued working on, ‘The Lion Inside.’ We have read the next few pages and explored the character and appearance of the mouse. The children impressed me with their character descriptions. They were adding amazing detail and descriptive language. The have started to look at the lion and have made notes on his appearance and character.

Maths: We have been doing some very tricky word problems. The children are more than able to do the actual calculations but the wording has really thrown them! We have started simple bar modelling but also found this hard-going. This is an example of the type of questions the children have been working on, “Sam makes 12 sandwiches. He gives away 9 sandwiches. How many sandwiches does Sam have left?”

Phonics: We have continued revising all the sounds. We have also looked at compounds words and two syllable words. The last page of the phonic screening test is always two syllable words. These can look quite daunting because they are long, however, if the children break them down into the two syllables they are not too tricky. Some examples are index, turnip, waiting, diving, beehive, midnight, portrait.

The children have done some amazing art work by painting the sunset over the savannah, from reds to oranges to yellows. They let their backgrounds dry before adding the silhouettes of African animals, they are really impressive and have been displayed in the Year1 corridor.

Have a great weekend, whatever the weather!

Sara Welsh

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