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26th January 2020

We have had another lovely week and the children are working hard and behaving so well. They really are a Year 1 class now!

English: We have completed the story, ‘Katie Morag Delivers the Mail.’ The children recalled the key events of the story, recorded their favourite part of the story and explained why they liked it.

Maths: Singapore maths has become a little tricky this week! We have been adding numbers to 20 and having to partition numbers. Some of the children find it easier to just add without the partitioning. However, when you look higher up the school, you can really see the value of the children being able to partition and re-group their numbers when doing addition. It is a strategy many adults use without giving it a thought but teaching it has been difficult. If the children are adding 8 and 4 instead of counting on like we used to do, they would now partition the 4, add 2 to the 8 to make 10 and then add the 2 to the ten to get 12. We recorded the partitioning in our part, part whole diagram. I think it is frustrating for those children who think they just know the answer, however, it will really benefit them in the long run and it does give a real sense of number.

Phonics: Phase 5 is going well. The children have learnt the alternative for ‘ew’ as in stew, blew, screw and ‘oe’ as in toe, Joe, dominoes and ‘au’ as in haunt, August and sauce.

Science: We set a pet shop up in the classroom then had a pretend ‘break in’ in school. The children were so excited when the police tape was broken so they could enter the classroom. They found clues to discover which pets had been ‘stolen’. They then recorded what they thought a pet needs to live a happy, healthy life.

We had a wonderful time on Wednesday morning. I had intended to go down to Forest School but once we got down there it was so cold and muddy we decided to go on a wellie walk instead. It was just fabulous. We walked down the field towards the canal, along the field and sprinted up the big hill. The children who were last were chatting as they wandered up the hill and the rest of the class raced down to encourage them in their climb up to the top. Then when the whole class was on top of the hill the children burst into spontaneous cheers and applause! We looked at signs of winter and hopeful signs of spring to come. We saw our first snowdrops and daffodils poking through the soil. The children had a fantastic time and I hope they appreciate how lucky we are in where our school is situated.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. See you tomorrow.

Sara Welsh

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