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We’ve had a very busy couple of the weeks. All the year 1 staff are so impressed with the children’s attitude to their learning and behaviour. This week we had both the explorer dome and astronaut training, both of which were brilliant.

English: We have been busy doing lots of writing. We have (after requests from the children) focused on aliens. They wrote about the alien they had drawn and painted starting their sentence with, “My alien…” This writing was amazing, so we decided to display it, the children wrote it up in their best handwriting onto a balloon and we have displayed it in the classroom along with their alien paintings. They wrote a list of things they would take to space using their phonics and best handwriting, many mums and dads would be taken along with teddies, dogs, cats and some grandparents. We thought about what we would do if an alien came to visit and wrote about what would happen, we skipped past the stranger danger and decided it was a friendly alien!

Maths: Singapore maths has become a little tricky this week! We have been adding numbers to 20 and having to partition numbers. This was difficult for some of the children who find it easier to just add without the partitioning. However, when you look higher up the school you can really see the value of the children being able to partition and regroup their numbers when adding. It is a strategy many adults use without giving it a thought but teaching it has been hard work this week. If the children are adding 8 and 4 instead of counting on like we used to do they would now partition the 4 and add 2 to the 8 to make 10 then add the 2 to the ten to get 12. We recorded the partitioning in our part, part whole diagram. I think it is frustrating for those children who think they just know the answer, however, it will really benefit them in the long run and it does give a real number sense

Phonics: We have been focusing on split digraphs, (this used to be called magic ‘e’). We have talked about when the ‘e’ is added the vowel doesn’t say its sound which they have learnt but says its name. So pet becomes Pete, tub becomes tube, can becomes cane, with magic ‘e’ making the vowel say its name. We have looked at all 5 vowels and words associated with these. So a-e as in make, cake, shape, e-e as in Pete, theme, even, i-e inside, slide, prize, o-e as in home, phone, throne and u-e as in tube, huge, excuse. It is really important that the children are able to identify these in their reading.

RE: The children thought about different Special and Sacred Places, they talked about where they feel safe and places that are special to them. The children created their own picture of their special places using pastels, paints or felt tips.

Art: Children have looked closely at Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night. They have developed their sketching and shading skills using pencil to recreate a small section of the picture they observed through a peep hole. They went on to attempt recreating the whole picture using pencil, focusing on shade, tone and line.

Have a super weekend.

Sara Welsh

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