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It was so lovely to see the children on Monday and the amazing work they had done in my absence. I had really missed them. Mrs Medlicott and the rest of the Year 1 team had done a truly amazing job.

English: We have continued our work on “Katie Morag and Tiresome Ted.” The children had pictures of different parts of the story and wrote about how Katie Morag was feeling and why she was feeling the way she was. They wowed me with their vocabulary, some of the language they used to describe how Katie feels when the new baby comes to the island was so mature. They used words and phrases like, ‘lonely, upset, despair, left out, jealous, alone.’ The children did a much longer piece of writing than normal and really impressed all the adults in the classroom. Mrs Cutler and I went to a moderation meeting and I can say how proud I was of our books. Since returning to school Mrs Cutler has monitored all Year 1 books and she is thrilled with the progress the children have made. Phew!

Maths: Singapore maths has gotten a little tricky this week! We have been adding numbers to 20 and having to partition numbers although some of the children find it easier to just add without the partitioning. However, when you look higher up the school, you can really see the value of the children being able to partition and re group numbers when adding. It is a strategy many adults use without giving it a thought but teaching it has been hard work this week. As an example, if the children are adding 8 and 4, instead of counting on like we were taught they would now partition the 4 into 2 and 2, then add 2 to the 8 to make 10 and then add the other 2 to the 10 to make 12. We recorded the partitioning in our “part, part, whole” diagram. I think it is frustrating for those children who just know the answer, however it will really benefit them in the long run and it does give a real sense of number.  

Phonics: Phase 5 is going well. The children have learnt the alternative for ‘oo’  ‘ew’ as in stew, blew, screw and the split diagraph a-e (it used to be called magic e.) Ask your child to show you the split digraph for Caveman Dave and if you want to see how a split digraph works google the Phonics Fairy Caveman Dave or click on this link:

RE: We have continued our work on Special and Sacred Places, painting our special places and writing why they are special. We also thought about spirituality and what things make us feel spiritual, the children came up with some heart-warming and thoughtful ideas, such as the skin of a new born baby and my granny’s funeral.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Sara Welsh

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