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We had a very interesting and rewarding trip on Friday to the Beeline Festival, at the Hive in Worcester. The children were just wonderful and we had an amazing time. The author and illustrator, Chloe Inkpen, shared two of her stories with us and there was lots of audience participation! She also showed us how to draw her witch character, she picked Eden from the audience to help with her picture which was fabulous.

Maths: We have continued our work on addition. We have completed a section on making an addition story which the children enjoyed. We also worked on number sentences which many of the children struggled with. They were able to use, ‘part, part equals whole’ to find the missing number; ? + 1 = 7. They could recognise the number 7 as the whole, the 1 as one part and work out that the other part would be 6. However, when the equation became more complex many children struggled, such as 5 + 2 = ? + 1. The children were able to understand the concept and show how to work it out when supported through the process, however, when left to work independently they had a tendency to do ?=7 as 5+2=7 and forget that the = sign is about balancing the equation.

English: The children did some lovely writing about autumn, using words they had collected over the last weeks.

Science: We looked at sorting animals according to what they eat and grouped the animals according to herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. The children were introduced to Venn diagrams to record their ideas.

RE: We finished our unit “What do Christians believe God is like?” The children were assessed about their knowledge and understanding.

Your child should have come home with a letter about our trip to the Sea Life Centre on Monday 3rd December. Please complete and return the reply slip when we come back to school after the week off.

Have a fantastic half term.

Remember Monday is a Teacher training day so I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 6th November.

Sara Welsh

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