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24th November 2018

Wow! What am amazing opportunity the children had when it snowed in Forest School on Wednesday. We started in Forest School and soon ran out onto the field to have a run around in the snow! It was a such a lovely experience for the children, which lead to a change on our daily dash board for the days weather. We were cold, but the hot toast when we returned to school soon warmed us up! Thank you for sending in extra layers, hats and gloves Forest School- please could you send the same for the foreseeable future.

In literacy this week we have used our skills to create questions that we would like to ask a mermaid. We saw the children ask, “Do mermaids like to eat fish fingers?” “Can mermaids do forward rolls?” “When do mermaids sleep?” The children were tasked to use all their phonic skills, think about their handwriting, punctuation (with emphasis being on the formation and position of the question mark) and presentation. Skills which we expect through all their writing.

Singapore Maths (Maths no Problem) has seen us use both addition and subtraction functions. We have learnt about number families and the inverse of a set of equations. The children have been amazing with using our equipment/ resources to ‘prove’ their answers. Proving mathematical answers is high priority in maths and something we encourage the children to do. They are becoming more confident at using a wider variety of methods and equipment and explaining their answers.

DT: The children had a designing and making morning, where they looked at a range of fridge magnets, evaluated them. Created their own fridge magnet design, picked their favourite and gave reasons for this. They then created their under the sea magnet and evaluated it. You should find them in the book bags as we thought it would be nice for them to bring them home.

We have continued working on our Christmas play singing. The children have been singing in the true Tardebigge way by giving it everything they have got! Our Christmas play will soon be here!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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