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Gosh, another busy week, one that saw Mrs Medlicott holding the fort Tuesday morning when I was off ill in bed! Luckily we swopped PPA and I only missed one morning of my lovely Year 1 class! We also managed to get through lots of work and the children have been busy!

Maths: We have finished our first chapter in our new Singapore Maths book – numbers to 40. We have continued working on numbers to 40 reading, writing, and making numbers. In Singapore maths we grouped the numbers into 10’s and counted them, we then counted the left over ones. You could practice this at home, making bundles of 10’s plus some ones. They count the 10’s first and then the remaining ones. 10, 20, 30, 31, 32, 33 etc. We have been comparing the smallest and greatest numbers as well as putting the numbers in order. We have begun looking at a given number, say, 27 and then working out 4 more and 4 less than this number. The children have really impressed me, when I think back to the start of the year we were doing the same activities with numbers to 10, then numbers to 20 and now to 40, it is amazing to see the progression.

Phonics: We have done lots of recapping and revising all the sounds and alternative sounds learnt. We have looked at split digraphs again and that the ‘e’ makes the vowel say its name. So pet becomes Pete and hat becomes hate, bit becomes bite. We have introduced some phonic carousel activities so we can target the digraphs and trigraphs that the children need to work on next.

English: We have begun looking at the book, ‘The Way Back Home’, by Oliver Jeffers. We have completed two pieces of writing linked to the start of the story. The first was to write a set of instructions for the boy to get ready to fly his plane and the second piece was their own ideas about what the boy could do next when he got stuck on the moon. The children are working really hard trying to remember capital letters, finger spaces, sweeps and flicks and full stops. They are thinking carefully about what they are writing and their own personal next step.

RE: We continued our topic “Why does Easter matter to Christians?” by posing this question to the children who recorded their ideas.

Have a lovely weekend.

Sara Welsh

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