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Thank you for your chocolate donations, FOTs have made some fantastic prizes. We have had a lovely week which has seen all the children working hard. Thank you to the parents who came to the phonics evening. As we were a bit thin on the ground I was wondering if parents who did not attend would like an alternative date? Please let me if your are happy with the phonic screening which will be occurring in June.

English: We have continued the work on; ‘The Storm Whale.’ We stopped half way through the book and the children predicted the ending of the story. We also looked at exclamation marks and discussed how and when to use them (we only use one for effect – unlike on social media!!!) They are generally used to show extreme emotions or a command, such as, 'help!' They can be used after one word rather than a whole sentence and the exclamation mark also acts as a full stop. I usually say, "full stop exclamation mark" as I draw it and do the same with a question mark by stating, "full stop question mark" as I draw it. In this way the children get the idea that the full stop is part of the exclamation /question marks and start their next sentence with a capital letter.

Maths: We have continued working on numbers to 40 making tens and ones and comparing the smallest and greatest numbers as well as putting the numbers in order. We have begun looking at a given number, say, 27 and then working out 4 more and 4 less than this number.

RE: We have had an RE Easter Day where we shared the Easter story. We did a variety of different activities including: making and writing our Easter cards, re-telling the Easter story through pictures and sentences, looking at the symbols of Easter, Easter arts and crafts and Jelly bean prayers. The children throughly enjoyed it and showed a developing understanding of the Easter story.

We will be holding the rescheduled Singapore maths meeting on Tuesday 27th March at 6.00pm in St Bartholomew’s Church.

Have a lovely weekend.

Sara Welsh

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