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22nd September 2017

We have had a fantastic week and the children seem to understand all the routines and are transitioning so well from reception. Year 1 is more formal with less independent learning and learning through play.

Maths: We have continued with Singapore maths and the children are impressing me with how well they are using the equipment to show their working. We matched objects, numbers and written words, for example counting 8 objects looking at the digit 8 and the written number eight. We have added pictorial examples to our maths display which the children can refer to, these will help to support their learning. We have been representing the objects we have counted on the ten frame. We have been comparing numbers and using the language of more than, greater than, less than, fewer than, equals to and the same as. The children found some of the language tricky so if you could practice this at home it would be very helpful. 

English: This week we have been working on the sentence, I can see …. . It is …. and … . The children made speedy telescopes on Monday on which they wrote, ‘I can see’ using their best handwriting. We then rehearsed saying some of the pirate things we could see on our display. We looked at a page of our pirate book and picked different objects and wrote adjectives to describe them, for example, parrot – bright colourful, spotty etc. The children did some super writing today using the structure we had been working on and produced some fantastic sentences Alfie wrote, “ I can see a bottle of grog. It is brown and poisonous. I can see a cutlass. It is sharp and shiny. I can see a parrot. It is colourful and can fly 2.

In phonics, we have re-caped some of the phase 3 sounds, especially ch, sh, th and have looked at words which contain these sounds. The children are amazing at recalling the sounds when they see them written in isolation. However, when reading, they often don’t make the sound from two letters and will sound every letter in the word. For example, for shark they might sound out s-h-a-r-k rather than sh-ar-k. Please help when they are reading to point out when two letters makes one sound, or, even with a word like ‘air’ three letters makes one sound! There is some confusion between ‘f’ and ‘th’ and we have been practicing sticking our tongue out a bit for ‘th’ and putting our teeth on our bottom lips for ‘f’

Ahoy Pirates: In our pirate topic, we have made our own maps with x marks the spot, we looked at co-ordinates and identified where the treasure was buried. Mrs Bright had brought in a suitcase full of large pebbles for us to paint, (inspired by our pirate pebble Mrs Medlicott brought us on her summer holiday). The children drew three different pirate designs and picked their best one, giving reasons for their choice and why they would paint their pebble according to that design. We began painting our pebbles and they are looking fab!

Computing: Mr Bennet has been teaching a unit of work called, ‘We are treasure hunters’.

RE: We continued our topic on “What do Christians believe God is like”.  We talked more about the parable of the Lost Son. The children began re-telling the story and drew pictures from the parable.

Have a great weekend. Please remember any issues, concerns or worries you may have, however big, small and seemingly insignificant, please come and talk to me.

Sara Welsh

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