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22nd November 2019

Wow! What a busy, fun filled week we have had! We have enjoyed the topic exit point of “Ahoy Pirates!” And we have started our new topic, “Shine Bright”.

Maths: In Maths we have continued our work on subtraction. We have looked at subtraction stories and then worked on the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction.

English: The children listened to and then acted out the story, “How Captain Pike looks after the baby”. Their sentence for this week was then based around, ‘The baby has…’. They also recorded their favourite part of the story.

RE: We have started our new theme, “Why does Christmas matter to Christians?” The children recorded their ideas about why they thought Christmas was important to Christians through pictures and comments.

The children looked amazing for our Pirates exit point. We had a wonderful day drinking pirate grog, making a pirate treasure map with the digraph ‘ar’ as in arrrr pirates! (We had to get the phonics in somewhere!) We made pop up pirates, sung songs and created pirate crafts. We also continued with our printing for our calendars.

We started our new mini topic, “Shine Bright”. We did phonics on ‘igh’ for bright, light, night! We discussed the things we will be doing within our topic over the next 4 weeks and all the Christmas activities involved. We thought and talked about our wishes for the world. The children wrote their wish on a star and we will be displaying these in class.

We have run through the whole play and learnt the words for many of the songs. The children amaze me how quickly they pick it up. We don’t give lines to learn we say to the children, ‘If you were a shepherd and you saw an angel what would you say?’ The children then tell us what they might say and how they would react, and we write the part in for them. Some children are saying that they don’t want to speak on stage and that is fine, however, any children who do wish to talk are being given the opportunity. You should have received a letter about costumes. Please don’t feel you have to go out and buy something, we do have some costumes in school that we can sort out for you.

Have a lovely weekend.

Sara Welsh

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