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1st March 2020

Welcome back! I hope you had a really lovely relaxing half term. It was lovely to see the children on Monday. The children got back into the swing of things very quickly and this week had flown by.

English: We semi introduced our new book for this term. The children had a copy of the front cover of the book but with the title covered over, they studied it closely and wrote all the things they could see in the picture. They put these words into sentences. Next week the book title will be reviled! We will then continue reading the story.

Phonics: We have continued re-capping the different digraphs which make the same sound, for example ow as in snow, oe as in tomatoes, oa as in goat and o-e as in phone. I have given the children a word and they have attempted spelling it with the different sounds, then thought about the general rules and tried to work out which spelling is correct, for example, the word play may be written – plai or play, but we know that the ‘ay’ normally comes at the end of the word and ‘ai’ comes in the middle.

Maths: We have continued working hard to complete our first Singapore maths book. We have worked on the review chapter. There are over 40 questions from all the work covered from September and they jumped around from addition, shape, position, subtraction to place value. The children were tackling them well and it showed a real understanding of the learning covered this year.

The children loved eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Thank you for sending in donations to raise money for Primrose Hospice.

A reminder that it is Parents Evening on Tuesday and also it is a Beano or Dandy comic dress up day for World Book Day on Thursday. We look forward to seeing your costumes!

Sara Welsh

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