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It was lovely to see all the children back at school after half term and to have such beautiful warm weather; it really felt like summer on Tuesday. The children got back into the swing of things very quickly and this week has flown by.

English: The children wrote an independent retell of their holiday news, and we also wrote thank you letters to the Mosque following our visit. We have continued re-capping the different digraphs which make the same sound, for example ow as in snow, oe as in tomatoes, oa as in goat and o-e as in phone. I have given the children a word and they have attempted spelling it with the different sounds. We thought about the general rules and tried to work out which spelling was correct, for example, the word play could be written – plai or play, but we know that the ‘ay’ normally comes at the end of the word and ‘ai’ comes in the middle.

Maths: We have continued working hard to complete our first Singapore maths book. We are on the revise and review chapters now.

Science: We were set a challenge to find the best material to make a star, we thought about what a star needs to be like, shiny and bright. We looked at 4 different materials and predicted which we thought was the brightest, shiniest material. We investigated light and dark using a peep box. We then tested all of our material using the peep box to see which material was the shiniest.

We had a lovely trip to Redditch Central Mosque the children were beautifully behaved and respectful. They asked thoughtful questions and I hope they got lots out of seeing another place of worship. The highlight seemed to be the chandelier in the upstairs prayer room and the wudu (wash rooms where they wash before prayer).

Have a lovely weekend.

Sara Welsh

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