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19th January

Firstly, I would like to say how amazing the children have been in the classroom this week. They have matured a lot over the past weeks and this is clearly being observed in their learning. Unfortunately, Mrs Welsh has been poorly this week and I have been supporting the children with their learning.  I have really enjoyed spending the time really getting to know them. You should all be very proud of your children.

In phonics we have introduced a “phonics carousel”. The carousel has several different phonics activities which range from phase 3 to phase 5. The children amazed me how they moved around the activities in a mature manner. Examples of the carousel activities are “I spy”, phonics bingo, phoneme detectives, headbands and “say it, build it, write it”. We will continue to use a carousel alongside our normal phonic sessions. An example has been sent home as homework.

In English this week we have looked at the Katie Morag and Tiresome Ted book. We wrote all about Katie Morag’s feelings at different parts of the story and looked at how we can relate her feelings and emotions to our own real-life experiences. We then looked at the characters from the story and used adjectives to describe the characters. On Friday it was a real treat to see all our favourite teddy bears in school. The children wrote some detailed descriptions of their own special teddy bears and soft toys. We are really working hard on our handwriting, presentation, using finger spaces, capital letters and the correct phonic sounds in all our writing.

In Singapore maths we started the week off by completing the chapter “Adding by counting on”. We put the biggest number in our heads and count on from there, using a number line to secure accurate counting. The children whizzed through this chapter in their workbooks! We then moved onto “Adding by counting in tens”. Here we looked at using part-part-whole to make the next 10 to simplify the addition process.

Science saw us all carry out an independent investigation to see which paper is the best for writing on. We had tissue paper, gift wrap paper, foil, white and black paper. Here everyone was encouraged to independently collect all their resources to conduct the investigation and record their results.  We then evaluated and concluded our results. We have some budding scientists in year 1!

Homework this week is a phonics dice game (like the one we have used during our carousel). I hope the children enjoy the game as much at home as they did in the classroom.

Finally, have a lovely weekend Year 1. You have all worked so hard this week you deserve a restful weekend. (And I think I will too!)

Louise Medlicott. 

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