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The children have been so wonderful this week, they are a joy to teach. They are enthusiastic and keen to learn. I love Year 1! They were amazing in our harvest celebration, not just their singing, (which was great) but also sitting so still and quietly for an hour.

Maths: We have begun adding numbers to 10. We have worked on various strategies, including using ‘part’, ‘part whole’ and ‘jumping on’ using a number line. The children have to, ‘prove it’, showing their calculation in a number of ways using a wide range of equipment from white boards to the two-sided counters, to ten frames, jumps on a number line and the ‘part’, ‘part whole’ diagram. They have impressed Mrs Cutler, who came into watch our maths lesson. They also impressed me.

English: We have continued to talk about autumn, collect autumn words and listen to a wide range of poetry. The children had some lovely ideas and they had a go at writing their own poems. Some of their poems were fabulous.

Phonics: We have focused on the sounds, ‘ie’ as in cried, tied and replied, ‘ea’ as in meat, treat and seat and ‘aw’ as in lawn, jaw and shawl.

Art: We had a lovely afternoon getting ‘creative’ with collage. The children made whatever representation of autumn that they wanted choosing from a wide variety of different materials: paints, crayons, pens, collage materials, wool, tissue paper, fabric etc. We saw a lot of investigation of the various materials and development of skills. I was delighted, I’m not convinced Mrs Hill our caretaker/cleaner was as impressed!

RE: The children drew pictures and annotated the ways they think Christians show their beliefs about God. Their ideas included; praying, singing, acting as God would like them too and following the Christian values.  

I hope the sunny weather continues and you have a happy weekend.

Sara Welsh

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