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17th November 2017

This week seems to have flown by. The children were super today when they were having their nasal sprays for the flu, the nurse was fantastic and explained it all to them in the classroom and answered any questions.

Maths: In Maths we have started working on subtraction; so far the strategies we have looked at have been subtraction by crossing out, subtraction using number bonds and also by counting backwards. We have also discussed the various language, less than, minus, difference between, take away.

English: The children have been finding out about owls this week. They were especially interested in the fact that owls eat their prey whole and then make an owl pellet of the bones and fur which they ‘sick’ up! Gross! They did some lovely writing about owls.  

In phonics, we have continued working on phase 4. The children have been listening to all the sounds in words and they really impressed me when they wrote spring, we added the ‘sp’ to ‘ring’ and all children could hear all the sounds!  

RE: The children listened to the Christmas story told in sections up to the shepherds visiting baby Jesus. They painted their favourite part of the story.

Homework: I set a crossword this week with phase 4 word.  I would hope that most children could hear all the sounds in the words they need to write, maybe get them to write them onto paper first. We went through the questions in class, the noise that lightning makes is thundering! They really made me laugh when I asked the queen makes a ______ every year, answers ranged from a jumper, hat, crown, dinner! We asked year 2 and none of them knew either!

We have run through the whole play and learnt the words for nearly all the songs. The children amaze me how quickly they pick it up. We don’t give lines to learn we say to the children, If you were a shepherd and you saw an angel what would you say?’ The children then tell us what they might say and how they would react, and we write the part in for them.  This does mean the play is getting longer each time we practice it as the children add extra lines!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Sara Welsh

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