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17th January 2020

The children have been amazing this week and I have been blown away with the amount of work we have achieved. We have a teaching student, Miss Machin (pronounced May chin), who is with us from now until March 20th. She is on her final teaching practice. It means we have an extra adult in the classroom all the time and gives us more time for intervention and discussion with the children.

English: We have started the story book, “Katie Morag Delivers the Mail” and we have written sentences to describe Katie Morag’s appearance. We went on to read the first part of the story where Katie Morag falls in the pool with all the mail, the children recorded how Katie Morag might be feeling, their vocabulary was amazing! They then suggested what Katie Morag might do next, for example; “Katie Morag feels wet, she could get a towel to get dry.” “Katie Morag feels scared, she could go and tell her parents what she has done.”

Phonics: This week we have looked at ir as in bird, skirt, squirm, ue as in glue and blue, oy as in boy and annoy.

Maths: We have finished work on number patterns to 20, counting forward and backwards, and one more and one less than a number. We have begun the next chapter which is addition and subtraction within 20, which we have been exploring practically.

Science: We introduced our new topic of animals. We had a great debate about whether humans are animals. I love the Year 1 logic, such as:“I know they are not because my daddy told me.” Miss Machin asked the children to sort a variety of different animals according to their own criteria. She then taught the groups fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. The children re-sorted their animals according to these criteria. The children later talked about whether they would like to change any of their animals into a different group. I loved the thinking, “I put reindeer as a mammal, but I should have put it as a bird.” (Because they can fly – think Rudolf - Christmas Eve!)

RE: The children thought about different Special and Sacred Places. They talked about where they feel safe and places that are special to them. The children created their own picture of their special places

We have read the book, ‘Only One You’, which is such a lovely book. The children have designed their own, ‘Only One You’ fish pebble which they will create later this year. We have also copied our favourite design to make a display in class.

Have a lovely weekend, I hope the sun shines!

Sara Welsh

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