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British Science Week.

What a busy week, packed full of exploring, investigating, predicting, asking questions and testing out ideas. The children have enjoyed a whole range of science-based activities.

On Monday three scientists from the University of Birmingham came into school and helped us carry out, ‘seaweed slime’, an investigation using polymers. The children added alginate into calcium to create slime droplets or slime snakes. They were able to measure with a ruler who had created the longest snake. They had lab books to record all their findings.

We had Mrs Stables and Mrs Fryer in to demonstrate a full sized Hoverboard with the children. They got to experience first-hand how a Hoverboard works, before making their own individual Hoverboards using CD’s, bottle tops and balloons!

We have carried out several investigations in class including: What will happen to an apple when placed in different substances? We quartered the apple and placed a quarter in each of the following, water, air, oil and vinegar. The children made scientific predictions about what would happen to each quarter. The children also thought about what would happen if we placed daffodils in different coloured water? We were interested to see that our daffodil flowers remained yellow. This was a bit of a disappointment as they are meant to change colour! We investigated the shape of bubbles compared to the shape of the bubble blower. The children discovered that whatever the shape of the bubble blower the bubbles were always round. We asked, ‘Is it magnetic?’ and the children made predictions and then investigated to see if their predictions were correct.

We have also thought long and hard about the question, ‘What makes a scientist?’ We made a list of our ideas which we added to as the week has progressed.

Lots of science, lots of fun, we have also continued with, reading, maths, phonics, daily dashboard etc…

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sara Welsh

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