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16th November 2017

We have had a lovely, busy week with lots of hard working, happy children. 

Maths: The children have flown through the work on subtraction and really impressed me. We have covered subtracting by crossing out, subtract by using number bonds, subtract by counting backwards, making subtraction stories and solving picture problems. We have also used the language involved in subtraction such as minus, take away, difference between, left and subtraction
English: We have looked at the story book , “Imagine you are a Mermaid.” We found lots of words for our, ‘word awareness’ and we discussed the meaning of words such as; decorative, vain, mythical, legendary and appearance. We had a long discussion about the sentences in the book, “Mermaids do not lead very useful lives. They are mainly decorative.” The mermaids seem to have captured the children’s imagination and they did some amazing writing about mermaids.
Phonics: The children are using robot arm and phoneme fingers to help sound out words as well as adding sound buttons to the words they write, a sound button is added to each phoneme so sea has two sound buttons (one for s and one for the digraph ea), beach has 3 sound buttons (b ea ch), bleach has 4 sound buttons (b l ea ch) and so on.
RE: We started our new topic; “Why does Christmas matter to Christians?” We collected the children’s initial ideas which made me smile as there was a little confusion as to whether Jesus works for Father Christmas or the other way around! Lots of Children did mention the baby Jesus being born which was a good start.
Science: We looked at evergreen and deciduous trees. We discussed the difference between the two types of tree and the children impressed me that they were able to name several trees and tell me which category they fell into. Baby Sophie, who was last years baby popped in to see us today, she is 10 months old and gorgeous. The children were amazed that she is crawling, standing and eating proper food. Mia’s mummy happened to pass our room with baby Theo, it was a lovely opportunity to compare the two babies who are only 7 months difference in age and will be in the same academic year yet at such different stages in their development at the moment.

We have continued working on the Christmas play with Year 2 and we are adding and songs and extra lines for the children to say. The play is getting longer and longer, some members of staff were asking if Miss Sutton and I if we were planning an interval selling ice -creams! (It won’t be that long I promise!)

I hope you have a lovely weekend. The cold weather is meant to be coming so wrap up warm and remember to label all hats, gloves and scarfs the children bring into school!

Sara Welsh

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