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16th February 2018

Yippy! It is half term; the children have been very excited today. We have had such a lovely, busy week but we all really feel like they are ready for a break and hopefully a nice relaxing time.

Sports for Champions Eden Francis came to visit us, she was really lovely and she did a talk in our classroom as well as helping us with our exercises in the hall. Thank you so much for all the generous sponsor money.

We saw a travelling theatre production of Oliver Twist, it was really engaging and the children sat beautifully to watch, I too was gripped!

We have adopted a baby! Sophie Micah’s 5 week old baby sister came to visit us today along with Mrs Woodhouse! She is just gorgeous. Mrs Woodhouse told us some information about the things that baby Sophie can and can’t do and the children asked some brilliant questions, such as Izzy’s “how can she drink lying down Ad not choke?” We have managed to persuade Mrs Woodhouse to come in on a regular basis, so we can see how Sophie grows and changes over time. Thank you so much for bringing her in to help with our science and for brightening up Friday morning with lovely cuddles.

English: The children had a choice in English to either re-tell Katie Morag delivers the mail or have a go at writing their own Katie Morag story, both groups of children really impressed me and it was so lovely to see some amazing sentences and longer pieces of writing.

Maths: We have (apart from the review chapter, which we will complete after half term) finished our first Singapore maths books. The children have worked so hard and impressed me. Please read this week's newsletter for information regarding a Singapore Maths meeting on Thursday 1st March for parents wishing to understand more about the new methods we are teaching.

Phonics: The children have learnt the alternatives for ‘’ - ‘ey’ as in key, monkey, hockey -Then the split digraphs a-e as in make, cake, i-e inside, slide, nice, prise, o-e as in home, phone, throne. We talked about the magic e making the sound say its name rather than the sound which they have learnt. It is really important that the children start to identify these in their reading.

Homework: Hopefully you have all seen the half term holiday homework, feel free to do as much or as little as you wish to support your child and their learning. I know we can never please everyone with homework. It would be really nice though if out and about if you could talk about the signs that it is spring and name plants and animals. There is a signs of spring sheet which the children can coulour as they see the plants and animals, this really helps us with our ongoing science work. Please please please continue to read over the half term. Mrs Cutler has noticed the number of children 5 times a week has dropped recently and we need this to change! The more your child reads, the more fluent they will become and therefore the more understanding they will have of the book they are reading. Do sign the reading diary each night in order to gain your teampoints.

Have a really super week see you all on Monday 26th. Remember it is World Book Day on Thursday the 1st March as well as the Singapore Maths meeting so remember to dress up and bring your book in!

Sara Welsh

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