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Gosh what a week! We have had such an exciting week full of fun and learning! From science to Noi, ice cream to sand, snakes to owls and a visit from baby Sophie as well!

English: On Monday we had our Noi Beach Experience Day. We had such an exciting time discovering items that might have been swept onto the beach by the storm, walking through the sand in our bare feet and feeling it between our toes, tasting salty water and eating ice cream (all while it was raining outside!). We have explored the two different ways of using the word, ‘and’. We used ‘and’ as a conjunction in a sentence, for example; I saw a bucket and a net at the beach. We also used ‘and’ to expand our sentences; for example, I saw a bucket and it was blue and broken.  

Maths: We have continued working on numbers to 40 reading, writing, and making numbers. In Singapore maths we grouped the numbers into 10’s and counted them, we then counted the left over ones. You could practice this at home, making bundles of 10’s plus some ones. They count the 10’s first and then the remaining ones. 10, 20, 30, 31, 32, 33 etc.

Phonics: We have had a phonic carousel of activities to continue using all the sounds we have learnt so far. I have assessed all the children on one of the past phonic screening papers. The children really impressed me with their enthusiasm to come and have a go. Their growth mindset was in abundance; even if the words were hard the children kept trying, using robot arms and sounding out all the sounds that they knew.

Science: We have had some great experiences this week. Laura from the Animal Man Company came to school. She brought in hissing cockroaches, two snakes (many children had one around their neck), an owl, a hedgehog, lizards, geckos and a honey bear. The children loved it and asked many interesting questions. We also had a visit from the Cheltenham Science Group and they were brilliant. They brought a wide range of activities to stimulate and interest the children. We loved the wind tunnel and looking at our fingers under the microscope. I think many children realised why we tell them to wash their hands well! We labelled the parts of the human body and the children impressed us with the number of body parts they knew. We had a visit from Sophie (and Mrs Woodhouse). Sophie is 4 weeks older than last time she came to see us. The children were able to see some changes in her and she smiled at us! We talked about her tiny stomach only holding 4oz of milk!

RE: We started our topic “Why does Easter matter to Christians?” by posing this question to the children who recorded their ideas.

The Phonics meeting will be on 22nd March at 3.30pm in the year 1 classroom. We will be holding the rescheduled Singapore maths meeting on Tuesday the 27th March at 6.00pm in St Bartholomew’s Church. I can’t believe we have less than two weeks before the Easter holiday.

Sara Welsh

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