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We have had a busy week. It was lovely to see you all at parents evening and discuss the progress that your child is making. As a class they are so lovely and we all feel really lucky to be teaching them.

English: We have continued our work on, ‘The Storm Whale.’ We have read the next two pages and have worked on questions. The children thought about what they would ask if they were the teacher. They were brilliant at thinking about different questions and the question words, such as: what, who, where, when, can, do, how, will, are, could, would and should. We looked carefully at the spellings of these words as many of them are very tricky. We wrote some dialogue between Dad and Noi where Dad asked a question and Noi replied.

On Monday we are having a Beach Experience; hopefully the children have brought a letter to let you know all about it. We are asking that they come dressed as Noi, wearing a stripy top, black /grey/blue trousers, black school shoes and a winter hat.

Maths: We have finally finished our Singapore maths books! Hurrah! We have started the next book. We began by having numbers between 20 and 40. The children had to put them into 10’s and then count on to the correct number.

Phonics: We are revising all the sounds we have learnt so far including the phase 5 sounds that I gave out on the balloons at parents evening. We are reading real and nonsense words which contain these sounds. The children need to do as much reading as possible and use their robot arms or phoneme fingers to help them sound out unfamiliar words.

Team points for homework: We give team points for homework out on a Friday. As the school was closed last Friday all the team points were given out this week. Some children had earned lots of team points for the homework they completed over the holiday. Well done!

We love the way the children can identify their book bags quickly by looking for their keyring. The problem is some children have so many key rings the book bags no longer fit in the book bag boxes and end up getting all tangled together. We have asked the children to take off all the extra keyrings and just leave their favourite one on the bag.

Have a super weekend, looking forward to see you all on Monday dressed as Noi for our Beach Experience Day. The Phonics meeting will be on 22nd March at 3.30pm in the year 1 classroom. We will be holding the rescheduled Singapore maths meeting on Tuesday the 27th March at 6.00pm in St Bartholomew’s Church.

Sara Welsh

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