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15th September 2019

This week has just flown by, the children have worked hard and all seemed very tired by Friday afternoon.

Maths: We have continued with our Singapore Maths and have been using a variety of equipment which the children are free to use to help work out calculations. Singapore Maths is a scheme based on the concept that – “Concrete, pictorial, abstract (CPA) is a highly effective approach to teaching that develops a deep and sustainable understanding of maths.” This quote was taken from Maths no Problem . There is far more information on the site if you want to read more about Singapore Maths. The methods are heavily based on demonstrating, showing and proving knowledge. There is a lot of partner work which the children really enjoy. The children have started using their Singapore Maths books and love them. We have been focusing on comparing and ordering numbers to 10.

English: We have continued to work on really understanding a sentence and have written very simple sentences: ‘I can see a …’ linked with a pirate picture. The children made telescopes and practiced their sentences before writing about the things they could see on the pirate picture. The children have been encouraged to remember capital letters at the start of their sentence, full stops at the end, finger spaces and sweeps and flicks in their handwriting. We have started handwriting practice this week beginning with long ladder letters, so far we have focused on letters: l, i, t, u, y and j. We use the language – start on the line, sweep up, pause and straight back down and flick.

We have checked all children’s phonic knowledge and are recapping phase 3 which was taught in Reception. Phonics is a very important method of teaching children to read and spell. At the end of this year we have a phonics screening check.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday Year 1. It was lovely to see some of you at the Tardebigge Fair on Saturday. I popped into school and you will see your wonderful pirate paintings on display on Monday!

Sara Welsh

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