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15th July

The children have had a brilliant week in both Year 1 and Year 2!

Leading up to Transition we began a series of "Protective Behaviour" sessions that focussed on our feelings. We discussed the idea that there are no bad feelings but it is how our behaviour responds to these feelings that is important. We also explored the statement that "Everybody has the right to feel safe all the time." This led us on to any worries we had about moving on to Year 2. We are really encouraging children and adults in the school community to discuss their feelings openly and honestly so it would be brilliant if this were reflected at home!

All these worries disappeared on Wednesday and Thursday and I am sure you will have heard about all the children's learning and activities on the Transition Days. They are extremely excited about their new topic!

Today we enjoyed a wonderful Musical Showcase. It was a lovely reminder of just how talented the children at Tardebigge School are!

I CANNOT believe it is our last week next week! I will definitely need this weekend to prepare for it and the mix of emotions we will feel! See you all on Monday for our trip to the Safari Park! Please remember a disposable packed lunch.

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