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15th February 2020

Well half term is here along with more weather! The children have been very excited today especially because they were wearing something they loved and, as it was the last Friday of the half-term, we had chocolate for our snack! We have had such a lovely, busy week but are ready for a break and hopefully a nice relaxing time.

English: We made posters to invite tourists to the Isle of Struay in light of the new pier being built! The children also thought about and recorded their favourite Katie Morag story and gave reasons why the story was their favourite.

Maths: We have worked on 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes, recognising and naming these shapes, looking at their properties and grouping shapes in sets. We have nearly completed our first Singapore maths books. The children have worked so hard and impressed me.

Science: The children reviewed the work they have done this half term about animals including humans. There is a lot of new language involved in this topic and different ways of sorting animals into sets. These include the ways we group animals by the foods that they eat; omnivore, herbivore and carnivore and the different animals; fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. It would be very helpful if you could continue to discuss this at home.

RE: The children continued to think about different Special and Sacred Places. They talked about what was special to them. We briefly discussed what would make a place of worship special to a Christian. The children went to our church in small groups and took photos of the objects within the church that they thought were the most important to a believer.

Please, please, please continue to read over the half term. The more your child reads, the more fluent they will become and the more understanding they will have of the book they are reading. Please discuss the story and plot, what might happen next, how the characters feel, what your child would do if they were that character etc. Also discuss the choices the author made, why did they use that word, which other words could they have used, would you have ended the story like that, what could have been an alternative ending? You can do this with their bedtime stories, which sometimes have a bit more exciting content, as well as with their reading books.

I hope you have a really lovely, relaxing half term. I certainly feel like lots of the children need the rest and some recuperation. Have a super week and see you all on Monday 24th.

Sara Welsh

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