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14th March 2020

Hello, this is Miss Machin, I have taken over the blog this week.

Wow! We have had another busy yet fabulous week this week.

This week was British Science week. On Monday, we were experiementing how to make dull coins shiny using household objects like ketchup and salt and vinegar. They were all very exited about how shiny the coins got. It makes me very proud to see all the children loving my science lessons and being so enthusiastic! On Tuesday, we read a Greta and giants, and understanding the action Greta Thunberg is taking towards climate change. Wednsday was the busiest of all, a day jam packed with science experiments. First, we started off in Reception, where we had to make a boats to escape off the island with our treasure (10g coins), we had set a high standard of 80g for the rest of the school to beat. Next, we experiemented which rope would be best for ballon rockets to fly across. However, most of the childrens favourite of the day was in Year 3, experimenting the water ressistance of each planet to see which one we could land on. In the afternoon the experiements continued, we explored non contact forces and magnets and learnt new words like attract and repel.

In English we looked at how Noi and his Dad might be feeling when Dad goes to work. The children have wrote sentences about why each character might feel this way with lots of children using conjunctions such as and and because to extend their sentences.

In Maths, we are working through our singapore maths books. We have been looking at tens and ones up to 40. We have been using our tall towers of tens to help us. On Thursday we had a very pratical lesson with the tens blocks to ensure that all the children can count in groups of tens and add on the ones. Being able to count in tens helps the children lots too!

Phonics, we have been going over alternate phonemes and working out which phoneme going in the word such as the ou sound in loud, group and would. The children have tried very hard and learnt that they might have to try the different phonemes in the word.

DT - I want to say a massive Thankyou for bring in all the fantastic resources for your children, the end result of was great! The children were very enthusiastic to build their own houses, they all asked for extra minutues at the end.

A additional note. We have just done an RE lesson and I have been really impressed with the work they have created. We were looking at pilgrimages that Christians make to Jerusalem and the Haj that Muslims make to Mecca. I asked the children if they could make a pilgrimage to anywhere in the world where would they go. Lots of children drew pictures of holidays they had been on, the swimming pool and most of they wanted to visiting Nanny and Grandads house. This is so lovely to see!

Well done Year 1 for a brilliant week, we have a treat on Monday for your fantastic behaviour!

Love Miss Machin x

Hope you have a wonderful weekend Year 1 - see you Monday. Mrs Welsh

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