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The children have been brilliant this week. I am so proud of them and their robot arms, sounding and blending and just general amazing phonics. Go Year 1!

This week we have had several, ‘Round Robins’ with practical activities and work including:

Phonics carousel: lots of different phonic activities that the children move round and access.

English: We have continued our work on, Jack and the Beanstalk. We have been thinking about the characters, the plot and the setting. We thought about different adjectives we could use to describe characters and events in the story. Next week we are going to retell the story.

Maths: The children worked in groups, through several chapters of their maths books. They completed work on money and then moved on to volume and capacity. We discussed the language connected with: Capacity - full, empty, more than, less than, half and quarter full. Mass - heavy, light, heavier than, lighter than, as heavy as. Space - top, middle, button, up, down, forward, backwards, inside and outside. We are very close to finishing our Singapore Maths books, which is very exciting.

No homework this week although I have updated spelling shed with lots of new sets of words. Hopefully all log ins will now work – please let me know if there are still any issues.

Have a lovely weekend.

Sara Welsh

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