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12th January 2018

We have been very busy this week and the children have worked extremely hard. I am so impressed with their attitude to learning with their growth mindset (colourful brain) and their “can do” attitude!

Mrs Medlicott is back! Mrs Medlicott returned to year 1 at the start of this term and it is so lovely to have her back; I am already getting more organised! I am sure she is exhausted by the end of the week.

English: We have continued our work on Katie Morag. We focused on the book, “Katie Morag Delivers the Mail”. We matched parcels, with their contents and the people they should have been delivered to. The children discussed Katie Morag and all the information they know about her already. They wrote sentences about Katie Morag, these were really impressive and it was lovely to see that the children worked on their next steps. 

Phonics: We have started phase 5, this is a tricky phase with alternative spellings of sounds we have already covered. So this week we have done the alternative ‘ai’ sounds ‘ay’ as in pay, day, spray, crayon. We discussed that, with the exception of the word crayon, the ‘ay’ sound generally comes at the end of the word, whereas, ‘ai’ generally comes in the middle; snail, mail, rain. We learnt the alternative to the ‘ow’ sound, as in cow, brown, is ‘ou’ as in cloud, about and found. We also learnt the alternative ‘igh’ sound ‘ie’ as in fried, tries, replied, cried and spied. 

Maths: This week we have whizzed through the unit on reading, writing and ordering numbers 1-20 The children have covered so much and they completed the review of the chapter this afternoon in preparation to start addition and subtraction to 20 next week. The trickiest part of the unit was writing the numerals in words. We have looked at more, less, largest, smallest, fewer, greatest and least.  

RE: We have started our unit of RE on Special and Sacred Places, discussing where we feel safe and why our safe place special to us.

Forest school: Unfortunately forest school could not take place this Wednesday as Mr Bennett had insufficient adult support. If you are able to help on a Wednesday afternoon please let Mr Bennett or one of the Year 1 team know.

Have a super weekend.

Sara Welsh

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