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11th October 2019

We have had a lovely week in Year 1.

Maths: We have begun adding numbers to 10. We have worked on a number of strategies, including using part, part whole and jumping on using a number line. The children have to ‘prove it’ showing their calculation in a number of ways using a wide range of equipment from white boards to the two-sided counters, to ten frames, jumps on a number line and the part, part whole diagram.

English: We finished our whole class reading book, ‘The Pirates Next Door’ by Jonny Duddle. We really enjoyed reading this book over the last few weeks and have several more books written by him so we will be able to compare and contrast the stories. In whole class reading we discuss the story in lots of detail, we talk about the language and words the author uses, we make predictions and discuss how characters are acting and behaving. The children are all motivated and engaged. We have begun to think of our own questions that we would like to ask a pirate. We made a list of ‘question’ words, such as when, where, how, which, why, do etc. We discussed the use of a question mark at the end of the sentence to show a question has been asked. In year 1 we say full stop question mark, so we put the question mark on top of the full stop. In this way we still remember it is the end of a sentence and the next sentence will start with a capital letter! (Full stop, exclamation mark)!

Phonics: The children have continued working on the phase 3 sounds. We have concentrated particularly on the ea and ee sounds and we have looked at words which contain these sounds. They have been reading lots of words and continued to recognise the two letters one sound in words.

RE: We have continued examining the parable of the Lost Son. The children thought of the literal end to the story, the father being happy at his sons return and throwing a party and recorded this on the outside of an envelope. They then thought about the hidden message that Jesus was trying to show in this parable; God loves us and forgives us which they recorded inside the envelop.  

Have a lovely weekend. I’m looking forward to meeting and chatting to you all next week at parents evening.

Sara Welsh

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