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11th January 2019

Happy New Year to you all.

I hope 2019 is an amazing year for each and everyone one of you. Can I start the blog by saying a really huge, “Thank You”, from all the staff who work in Year 1 for your really kind, thoughtful and generous gifts and kind words this Christmas. They were very much appreciated. It certainly sounds from what the children said that everyone had a lovely time. The children certainly did!

We have had a fun packed four days and worked incredibly hard, the children have come back refreshed and ready to learn.

On Thursday we discussed our holiday news and favourite presents, I am so glad that Father Christmas visited every child, I never had my doubts! The children wrote their Christmas holiday news in their new topic books which have whole pages of lines (no space for a picture!)

We had a very exciting alien encounter when we received a text that said that possible aliens had dropped evidence near Tardebigge First School. Sure enough when we went to investigate, we found pants which had been cordoned off! The children spotted many clues, the air smelt funny, they had heard a big crash, they saw shadows in the church! We went back into class and deduced that whatever else we knew we know that aliens obviously love pants! We designed different pants and picked our favourites. Some children painted what they thought an alien would look like. We finished the day reading aliens love underpants. We continued our alien work with the children writing questions that they would ask an alien. They had some wonderful ideas.

In maths we have started numbers to 20, in Singapore maths this involves having a full 10 frame and then counting on. We have been grouping ten and counting on to find how many objects there are. We have been writing the numerals 11-20 to match the digits or objects. We had a go at journaling showing our own representation of the number 14.

Have a lovely weekend, hope it is relaxing.

Sara Welsh

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