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With Monday off, this week seems to have absolutely flown. We have been really productive and got through a huge amount of work. We have a wonderful student teacher Miss Evans, who is normally in every Tuesday, but is currently with us full time until half term. The extra pair of hands definitely help get more achieved.

English: We have just about finished, ‘The Lion Inside.’ We read more of the story and made three predictions for the end of the book. We wrote some dialog between the lion and the mouse with one character asking a question and so we used question marks in our writing. We also had a go at writing an interesting blurb which would make someone want to read the book. The children did really well.

Maths: We have been working on multiplying. We have done this by making equal groups and counting the amounts in each group. We have made sure our groups are fair. We have looked at ‘lots of’, so 3 lots of 5 are 15. We have practiced counting in 2, 5 and 10.

Phonics: We have undertaken another phonic screening assessment and the children really impressed us. We are reading lots of real and alien words in preparation for the phonics screening. During the screening the children can have a paper copy of the screening materials and they can write their own sound buttons on. We feel this will really benefit some children as they will be forced (by the writing it down) to identify the digraphs, trigraphs and split digraphs. We put a dot underneath single sounds. So the word ‘cat’ would be . . . one dot per sound. The word ‘with’ would be . . _ a dot for the w and i and a dash (_) for the th. ‘choin’ would be __ . a dash for ch and oi and a dot for the n. Split digraphs have a ں underneath the word to join the vowel to the ‘magic e’ that makes the vowel say its name. The children are amazing at this maybe they could teach you!

RE: The children thought about Allah having 99 names and thought of the different names we have for God. They then illustrated these.

Hope you have a super weekend. Have fun.

Sara Welsh

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