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10th November 2017

Maths: In Maths we have finished our addition work; the children learnt three different strategies and did really well with these. They will be doing the inverse of some of these addition strategies next week as we begin subtraction.

English: I loved the firework night homework and all the children were keen to explore the sights and sounds of bonfire night. They used their phonics to explore lots of words such as boom, whizz, bang, fizz, whoosh. They then wrote some lovely poems using some of this vocabulary.

In phonics, we have started phase 4. The children have impressed me with their knowledge and we might have a whistle stop tour of phase 4. Phase 4 is applying all the phase 3 sounds into reading words before tackling phase 5 where we learn all the alternative spellings for each sound. Every phonic session we recap and revisit prior learning and apply our skills.

RE: The children recorded their ideas about what a room for a king would look like. They had me googling all sort of golden themed cribs and chandeliers. We will examine Jesus as a King; and the reason why he was not born in a 5-star hospital but born in a stable.

Light it up: Our new topic is, Light It Up. We went into a dark year 2 room and shared a story, then we lit candles and turned on fairy lights. We discussed light and different sources of light, the children talked about Jesus being the Light of the world. We sang some songs about light and had an absolutely lovely calm start to our topic. (Quite the opposite to Pirate Pudsey Day on Friday M-hearties!) We explored Bonfire Night when my mum was a little girl almost 70 years ago (when the world was all black and white!). They couldn’t believe she made a Guy that she pushed round London with her sister collecting a penny for the Guy or that she then spent the money collected on fireworks that she and her sister could buy in the shops. The children were so interested and had lots of questions. They were able to think of many differences such as different coins, safely about fireworks, low key events held in back gardens, and unimpressive fireworks. However they could also think of lots of similarities: wrapping up warm, the excitement about the fireworks, eating jacket potatoes etc.

We had a lovely and moving assembly about remembrance and the children designed their own medals for soldiers.  

Homework: Please feel free to do as many of the colouring sheets as your child wants, I thought some children would enjoy them (others not so much!) If your child sounds out and reads the words, both real words and nonsense words, to you this would  be a valuable learning experience for them.

We have started looking at the Christmas play. Today, I told the children the part they would play and they all seemed happy with their part. As the weeks go by the play generally grows and children who want a speaking part have them written in for them. Costume letters will be coming out on Monday. Please don’t feel like you need to go out and buy something, we do have costumes in school that we can adapt for you.

Have a super weekend.

Sara Welsh

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