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10th January 2020

Happy New Year to you all.

I hope 2020 is an amazing year for each and everyone one of you. Can I start the blog by saying a really huge, “Thank You”, from all the staff who work in Year 1 for your really kind, thoughtful and generous gifts and your kind words this Christmas. They were very much appreciated. It certainly sounds from what the children said that everyone had a lovely Christmas holiday. The children certainly did!

We have had a fun packed four days and worked incredibly hard, the children have come back refreshed and ready to learn. I can’t believe how much work we have managed to fit into 4 days!

On Tuesday we discussed our holiday news and favourite presents, I am so glad that Father Christmas visited every child, I never had my doubts! The children wrote their Christmas holiday news in their old topic books (we are getting new books for our new topic!).

It was lovely for me, on Forest School morning, to be able to take the children for a wellie walk where we looked for signs of winter. The children impressed me with their knowledge. They were able to identify the oak tree from the fallen leaves, stinging nettles, brambles, crab apples, holly, ivy and many more plants and animals. We recorded some of our findings in various ways back in school.

We used the light box in science to look at how much we can see with varying amounts of light. Then we helped Father Christmas pick the best nose so that Rudolf could be seen in the dark and fog of Christmas 2020!

We have had an RE day today finishing our question, ‘Why is Christmas important to Christian’s?’ The children finished recording the nativity story. They also wrote and drew what they were thankful for over Christmas, I was so impressed as they said they were thankful for their mummies and daddies, spending time with family, seeing family and friends, their Christmas dinner, oh and presents!

In maths we have started revising the numbers to 20, remembering that we group 10 then count on. We looked at sets of objects and numbers and ordered them from greatest to smallest and visa versa.

Have a lovely weekend, hope it is relaxing.

Sara Welsh

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