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With Monday off, this week seems to have absolutely flown.

English: Nibbles, the Book Monster, has nibbled his way into Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children have written questions to Goldilocks which were great fun for us to read! They also wrote a description of Goldilocks, They used different sentence starters and connecting words within their sentences. Thomas wrote, “Goldilocks has blue eyes that match her dress. She has gold, curly hair like Annabelle’s. Goldilocks has red shoes that are shiny. Goldilocks has sweet, peachy skin but her behaviour is not sweet! Do you want to find out why? She is rude, messy and never listens to her mother. Once she broke baby bears chair. What a naughty child!”

Maths: We finished our fraction chapter which included fractions of a number; for example what is half of 12 and what is a quarter of 12. The children did really well with this and were able to work out the problems. We have started a new chapter on numbers to 100, this follows the same format where children are counting objects to 100 by grouping in 10’s then counting the ones that are left over.

Phonics: The children have continued to practice blending and sounding out real and alien words.

Protective behaviour: We have continued the programme on protective behaviour which the children started in Reception. In Year One we have talked about feelings. The question posed is: Is there such a thing as a bad feeling? The answer is, “No. Feelings are feeling, there are not good or bad, right or wrong feelings. It is how we behave when we have feelings that matters.” The other theme we explored was that we all have the right to feel safe all the time.

Science: The children drew and labelled their own illustration of a flowering plant. This was to enable us to examine what some of the children’s misconceptions are. Next week we are going to look at different plants in more detail, talking about them and using magnifying glasses.

Hope you have a super weekend.

Sara Welsh

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