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We have had a lovely week and the children have worked hard. We thought we might have had a snow day on Friday but we enjoyed our bonus time together instead!

English: On their design sheet children had made three different designs for alien underpants. They picked their favourite design and re-created it in bigger, better, bolder detail and finally added labels. They then wrote about them with the starting sentence, ‘My alien pants are…’ .

Maths: We added a one digit numbers to teen numbers. We partitioned the teen number into the 10’s and 1’s and then added the ones together and added this onto the ten. The children could again do the maths but found the recording of the part, part whole, tricky. We will do more work on this next week before moving on to subtraction.

Phonics: I have completed assessing the children in a practice screening check. They all did well and showed a super effort even if they did find some words tricky to sound and build. Some children need to be encouraged to identify the diagraph, trigraph or split digraph in the word before attempting to sound it out. Also the more confident readers need to ensure they take the time to check and not just read what they think they see at a casual glance. This is especially true with the nonsense words. A number of children, for example, read night for nigh and strip for stripe. In phonic lessons we have been working on the alternative sounds oi’ – ‘oy as in joy, annoy and toy, and ‘ai’ - ‘ay’ for play, stay and away. We have looked which grapheme it tends to be depending on where the sound comes in the word. So ay is nearly always at the end of a word (except crayon) and ai is normally in the middle. We also recapped the split digraph a-e. Ask your child to show you the split digraph for Caveman Dave. If you want to see how a split digraph works google the Phonics Fairy Caveman Dave or click on the link

RE: The children thought about different Special and Sacred Places. We discussed what would make a place of worship special to a Christian and what would make a place of worship special to a Muslim. The children thought of questions to ask a believer about the place of worship that they go to. The children painted a Mosque and discussed how it might make a Muslim feel to be in the Mosque.

Hope you have a lovely weekend. Look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Sara Welsh

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