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21st September 2019

We have had a fantastic week it has been so lovely to have sunny weather. The children seem to really understand all the routines and they are transitioning so well from reception.

Maths: We have continued with Singapore maths and the children are impressing me with how well they are using the equipment to show their working. We have been comparing numbers and using the language of more than, greater than, less than, fewer than, equals to and the same as. The children found some of the language tricky so if you could practice this at home it would be very helpful. We have continued working on one more and one less than a number to 10.

English: This week, after sharing a PowerPoint and book on ‘Mrs Pirate’ the children wrote their own lists of items Mrs pirate might buy. They had some great ideas and were amazing at rhyming, for example they thought she might buy a ‘Jolly Roger flag and a new shopping bag!’ We have finished all the long ladder letters in handwriting; i, l, t, j, u and y and have started writing the caterpillar letters beginning with c,a and o.

I have heard all the children read individually and assessed their reading. I am really pleased with their progress so far.

In phonics, we have re-caped some of the phase 3 sounds and have looked at words which contain these sounds. The children are brilliant at recalling the sounds when they see them written in isolation, however, when reading they often don’t see the sound as two letters one sound and will sound every letter in the word. For example, for shark they might sound out s-h-a-r-k rather than sh-ar-k. Please help when they are reading to point out the two letters one sound or even with air three letters one sound!

Science: We have started sending home the science bag and shared their first experiment that had been written up. We had a visit from Mrs Marley-Foster and her rabbits, they had grown so much from when they visited the class in reception. We have looked at the oak tree and will monitor changes across the year. We planted bulbs which we hope will grow and flower in the spring. We set up out door thermometers so we can monitor the temperature and weather trends across the year.

Please remember any issue, concerns or worries however big, small and seemingly insignificant please come and talk to me.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy the sunshine.

Sara Welsh

15th September 2019

This week has just flown by, the children have worked hard and all seemed very tired by Friday afternoon.

Maths: We have continued with our Singapore Maths and have been using a variety of equipment which the children are free to use to help work out calculations. Singapore Maths is a scheme based on the concept that – “Concrete, pictorial, abstract (CPA) is a highly effective approach to teaching that develops a deep and sustainable understanding of maths.” This quote was taken from Maths no Problem . There is far more information on the site if you want to read more about Singapore Maths. The methods are heavily based on demonstrating, showing and proving knowledge. There is a lot of partner work which the children really enjoy. The children have started using their Singapore Maths books and love them. We have been focusing on comparing and ordering numbers to 10.

English: We have continued to work on really understanding a sentence and have written very simple sentences: ‘I can see a …’ linked with a pirate picture. The children made telescopes and practiced their sentences before writing about the things they could see on the pirate picture. The children have been encouraged to remember capital letters at the start of their sentence, full stops at the end, finger spaces and sweeps and flicks in their handwriting. We have started handwriting practice this week beginning with long ladder letters, so far we have focused on letters: l, i, t, u, y and j. We use the language – start on the line, sweep up, pause and straight back down and flick.

We have checked all children’s phonic knowledge and are recapping phase 3 which was taught in Reception. Phonics is a very important method of teaching children to read and spell. At the end of this year we have a phonics screening check.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday Year 1. It was lovely to see some of you at the Tardebigge Fair on Saturday. I popped into school and you will see your wonderful pirate paintings on display on Monday!

Sara Welsh

7th September 2019

Hello and a very warm welcome to Year 1. This blog will be updated each week with our experiences and learning in Year 1 and will also contain ideas on how you can support your child’s learning at home. It would be lovely if you shared the blog with your child, in this way you will have a better idea of their school life. If they are anything like my son when asked, “What did you do at school?” I get the response, “Nothing!” Hopefully the blog might shed some light on their daily activities!

I am absolutely delighted with how well the children have settled in already. They all seem so grown up and are coming into school happy and ready to learn, we can’t ask for anything more. We have had a wonderful 4 days getting used to lots of new routines. The children have been amazing and adapted really well, I think the transition week in July really helped them to settle in so well.

The children have been introduced to entering school via the main door, new pegs, groups, tables, using the big toilets, where to put water bottles etc. So many new routines to remember! They were introduced to Mrs Medlicott, our fantastic teaching assistant, and myself. Together we talked about our expectations in Year 1. Mr Bennett teaches Year 1 on a Wednesday when I am with Mrs Cutler having assistant head time. In the morning he will be going down to Forest School and then in the afternoon he will be teaching computing and PE. On a Thursday afternoon Mr Alexander teaches PE and Mrs Friday teaches French and music.

This week we have been very busy with all our learning as well as routines. Our topic is, ‘Ahoy Pirates.’ Year one has a more formal approach to learning than Reception, however, we try to make learning fun and active and ensure all children are engaged. The children have been brilliant starting so many new things, we have done dough disco and started our handwriting books as well as making paper sculptures in art. We made fantastic 3D artwork in the style of Zoe Bradley by changing the shape, form and texture of paper. The end results were brilliant and displayed outside the Year 1 classroom!

Maths: We have done lots of counting, number rhymes and recognising numerals. We started our Singapore maths books in transition week and the children have been excited about having a book to work in!

English: We started with some speaking and listening about our holidays. The children all attempted to independently write their own holiday news. We wrote a good sentence together and looked carefully at all the things that a good sentence needs to have. This sentence we displayed on our English working wall and together we have made some actions to go with it to help us remember the following; finger spaces, capital letters, full stops, writing on the line etc. The children also completed a piece of work about themselves. They used sentence starters; I am, I can, I have and I like. It was lovely that all the children were confident enough to tell the whole class what they wanted us to know about themselves, especially their likes and the things they can do.

RE: We began our topic of, “What do Christians believe God is like”. We thought about the question, ‘What do we think God is like?’ The children thought about and tried to answer this question and they thought of some lovely ideas.

If you have any questions, queries or worries, however big or small, please pop in and see me.

Sorry for the lengthy blog. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend Year 1. See you on Monday!

Sara Welsh


Wow! What an amazing activity week! Full of exercise, healthy eating, sunshine, teamwork and smiles. The children have been amazing showing perseverance, determination and working collaboratively. This week the children are writing the blog…

“This week we had a fruit kebab and bananas. I liked doing, ‘Rob the Nest’ because you get to rob the nest.” Henry G

“On Sports Day I liked having lunch with my mum and dad. I liked the obstacle race the best, where you put the beanbag on top of your head, because it was a bit tricky. I like activity week because you can go in your own clothes. ” William M

“I liked the Bouncy Castle because it was bouncy and fun. I liked the running race because it was fun and I came first.” Summer

“I liked the horse riding because on top of the horse you had a great view.” Eden

“I really liked the recorders being played because I really like the sound.” Thomas

“Activity week was good; I liked the jump rope and egg and spoon race.” Mia

“I liked the egg and spoon race and the running race because I came first in both of them. I liked that some of my family were there. I liked the fun run because it was so much fun I wanted to go on again and again and again.” Livvi

“I liked the jump rope because you can jump where you want to go. You can skip really fast if you want to, you can do it backwards, front and side to side.” Jacob

“I liked the jump rope because I learnt how to skip backwards and star jumps when skipping.” Rosalia

“We went horse riding, I felt happy.” Bethany

“I liked activity week because we do loads of activities that aren’t the same. My favourites were the fun run, horse riding and jump rope.” Harvin

Next week the children are with me in year1 on Monday then they move up to Miss Cooke in Year 2 on Tuesday.

Have a lovely week Year 1, lots of sleep after a very busy week.

Sara Welsh


We have had another hard-working week. The children are so lovely and with activity week next week and then transition week, I am really thinking about how much I will miss them!

English: We have re written the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The children thought of their own Nibbles adventure where Nibbles could go next and wrote their own story. These were fantastic, they were all so different and the children had such wonderful imaginative ideas.

Maths: We are finishing our Singapore Maths books working on the review and revise chapters and the children are working at their own pace through the books. They are remembering lots of the maths taught across the whole year (which is great.)

Art: After all the skills lessons the children created their own Miro pictures, which were amazing.

Science: We looked at lots of different plants, identified and labelled them.

We also enjoyed CREW assembly on Wednesday and getting rather muddy at Forest School!

Useful information for ‘Activity Week’: reminder that it is Activity Week next week therefore children can wear sporty, active wear throughout the week suited to the weather.

- Children are to come to school wearing PE sportwear.

- On Thursday after school there will be an opportunity for your children to have another go on the inflatable fun run on the field. We will be running this as a school fundraiser activity and therefore asking for a small payment per go (bring your change!)

- On Friday the children will be given the opportunity to buy a skipping rope after their Jump rope session. Details of cost will be on the newsletter.

Timetable for the week:

- Monday: Tardebigge Trek in the PM. Parents/carers are invited to join us at 1.15pm.

- Tuesday: Sports Day. The children have already pre-ordered a sandwich at school. In the morning the children will be engaging in group activities. There will be a picnic lunch on the field at 11.30 and the track events will be in the afternoon. Children to wear a t-shirt of their house colour.

- Bredon- blue

- Clent- green

- Lickey- yellow

- Malvern- red

Parents/grandparents are welcome to join us for part/all of the day.

- Wednesday: Forest School session (bring waterproofs!)

- Thursday: Inflatable fun run on the field

- Friday: Horse riding and Jump rope session

If you have any queries regarding Activity week then please just ask!

Remember water bottles, sunhats and sun cream as we will be outside a lot.

Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the sunny weather.

Sara Welsh


The children have been brilliant this week. I am so proud of them and their robot arms, sounding and blending and just general amazing phonics. Go Year 1!

This week we have had several, ‘Round Robins’ with practical activities and work including:

Phonics carousel: lots of different phonic activities that the children move round and access.

English: We have continued our work on, Jack and the Beanstalk. We have been thinking about the characters, the plot and the setting. We thought about different adjectives we could use to describe characters and events in the story. Next week we are going to retell the story.

Maths: The children worked in groups, through several chapters of their maths books. They completed work on money and then moved on to volume and capacity. We discussed the language connected with: Capacity - full, empty, more than, less than, half and quarter full. Mass - heavy, light, heavier than, lighter than, as heavy as. Space - top, middle, button, up, down, forward, backwards, inside and outside. We are very close to finishing our Singapore Maths books, which is very exciting.

No homework this week although I have updated spelling shed with lots of new sets of words. Hopefully all log ins will now work – please let me know if there are still any issues.

Have a lovely weekend.

Sara Welsh


It was lovely to see the children after a week away. The only sad thing is, this is the last half-term of them being Year 1’s! I feel confident that they are ready for Year 2, they all seem to have matured and their reading, writing and maths are impressing all the adults in Year 1. They are a wonderful class.

Phonics, phonics, phonics: The phonics screening is next week so we have taken every opportunity to practice and revise all the sounds we have learnt. The children are brilliant. However, an additional practice this weekend would be fab. Please get them to do their phonic homework over the weekend. The website is and there are many free games, look for phase 5.  

In general all children can say what a phoneme is, the problem can sometimes be identifying them in the word, especially the split digraphs, where the, ‘magic e’ makes the vowel say its name – such as in the words phone, cave, Pete, dive, tube. Remember these might be real or alien, (nonsense words), like phobe or stribe. Occasionally the trigraphs are also missed - ure, air, igh. I know the children will make us proud next week.

English: The children all wrote their half term news, which was lovely to listen to, enjoy and then read and mark. We have discussed the start of the, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk,’ story, the setting and characters as Nibbles has Nibbled his way into that book!

Maths: We have completed time in the Singapore Maths books. We have studied o’clock and half past and the children seemed really confident, with just occasional confusion with 12.30 and 6 O’clock. We have started work on money, which is generally coin recognition and their values.

Next week Mrs Medlicott will be in the classroom while I take the children to complete their phonics screening assessment. I think we will whizz through it.

It was lovely to see so many of you for our read-a-thon and the children looked adorable in their pyjamas. I am so sorry I totally forgot to give out the read-a-thon badges today (I will remember on Monday!).

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and the sun shines.

Sara Welsh


The children have had a great week. I have sent home a range of phonic homework as the phonics screening is on 10th June. The children love to play games on phonics play and this can really help if they are struggling with certain sounds. Just put phonics play into google or follow this link;

Maths: We have completed the chapter on numbers to 100. We have looked at number patterns and using the 100 number square to see numbers 1 more, 1 less, 10 more and 10 less than a number. We finished the chapter consolidation and a review of everything which we have done so far. We have moved on to time. In Year 1 we need to recognise o’clock and half past. The children have impressed us with their maths this week.

RE: Miss Khan, our student teacher, taught us about the five pillars of Islam and festivals that Muslims celebrate. The children were able to ask her questions and were interested to find out about Ramadan and that she fasts for 18 hours a day. We also found out about how Muslims welcome babies into the world. We discussed Shahada and the Aqilah ceremony. The children then thought about what they would whisper into a baby’s ear to welcome them into the world.

Phonics: We have re-capped sounds which the children have found the hardest to identify when reading. These have included; ew, au and all the split digraphs. We also looked at two syllable words which appear on the last page of the phonics screening check, for example, delay, modern, saucer, starling, charming, finger and dentist.

Science: The children continued their experiments looking at light and waterproofing.

A reminder: on Friday 7th June we will be celebrating the Book Trust's, ‘Pyjamarama’, so children can come into school in their pyjamas! We will be linking this with our Read-a-thon celebration so we invite all parents to join us at 9am for an activity in class. Children who have successfully completed their reading 5x a week will receive a reward in school.

Have a wonderful week.

Sara Welsh


The weeks are flying by, I can’t believe we only have a week until half term, then it will be my final half term with my lovely Year 1’s! They are working so hard and it is lovely to see how much they have grown up and matured.

English: Nibbles, the Book Monster, has nibbled his way into Little Red Riding Hood. The children wrote their own setting descriptions of the forest that Little Red Riding Hood walked through. They also looked at the character and appearance of the wolf and wrote wanted posters for him.

Maths: We have continued our chapter on numbers to 100. We have counted objects to 100 by grouping in 10’s then counting the ones that are left over. We have worked on finding tens and ones and combining this to give our number. We have compared two and then three groups of objects saying which is greatest, smallest etc.

Phonics: The children have continued to practice blending and sounding out real and alien words.

Science: The children were divided into two groups and our two students took a group each. One group investigated the best coat for Little Red Riding Hood to wear to keep her dry on a rainy day, i.e. waterproofing. The other group investigated the best materials for Grandma’s curtains, whist looking at transparent, translucent and opaque materials. Both groups were able to carry our practical investigations using scientific equipment. The groups will swop over next week so each child will have the chance to do both investigations.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Sara Welsh


With Monday off, this week seems to have absolutely flown.

English: Nibbles, the Book Monster, has nibbled his way into Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children have written questions to Goldilocks which were great fun for us to read! They also wrote a description of Goldilocks, They used different sentence starters and connecting words within their sentences. Thomas wrote, “Goldilocks has blue eyes that match her dress. She has gold, curly hair like Annabelle’s. Goldilocks has red shoes that are shiny. Goldilocks has sweet, peachy skin but her behaviour is not sweet! Do you want to find out why? She is rude, messy and never listens to her mother. Once she broke baby bears chair. What a naughty child!”

Maths: We finished our fraction chapter which included fractions of a number; for example what is half of 12 and what is a quarter of 12. The children did really well with this and were able to work out the problems. We have started a new chapter on numbers to 100, this follows the same format where children are counting objects to 100 by grouping in 10’s then counting the ones that are left over.

Phonics: The children have continued to practice blending and sounding out real and alien words.

Protective behaviour: We have continued the programme on protective behaviour which the children started in Reception. In Year One we have talked about feelings. The question posed is: Is there such a thing as a bad feeling? The answer is, “No. Feelings are feeling, there are not good or bad, right or wrong feelings. It is how we behave when we have feelings that matters.” The other theme we explored was that we all have the right to feel safe all the time.

Science: The children drew and labelled their own illustration of a flowering plant. This was to enable us to examine what some of the children’s misconceptions are. Next week we are going to look at different plants in more detail, talking about them and using magnifying glasses.

Hope you have a super weekend.

Sara Welsh

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