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Week ending 28.5.21

We have had a super half term in Year 1!

We are firmly into our new topic ‘It’s a jungle out there!’ The children have been learning to use question marks in sentences, and have written invitations to send to different animals to join the Jungle Dance! (Inspired by our focus text, ‘Giraffes can’t dance’).

In Maths we have finished off our work on addition and will be moving onto subtraction after half term. The children have really developed confidence in this area of Maths, and can explore addition with physical resources, pictures and formal calculations.

We have been learning about an artist called ‘Paul Klee’ in Art lessons. We learned about how this artist explores colour in his abstract paintings. The children have practised creating ‘tints’ by adding white to colour paints, then made a painting of their own inspired by Paul Klee. They started with only primary colours and white, but created a whole rainbow of different colours and tints!

In Phonics we have revisited a lot of Phase 5 graphemes this half term. We are still doing lots of Phonics practise in school to support the children’s reading, despite the Phonics screening check being cancelled.

I can’t believe the children only have one more half term in Year 1! Mrs Welsh has been saying hello to the children out at playtimes and popping her head around the door every now and then to learn the children’s names, and so they can also become more familiar with her ready for next year.

We are hoping the last half term will be the best yet, with some sunny weather to come hopefully, some lovely whole school activities, and a trip too! Have a great week off everyone, and see you on Tuesday the 8th!

Mr Bennett

Week ending 30.4.21

We can’t believe it is the summer term already! The year has flown by and we are looking forward to making the most of children’s last term of Year 1.

In English, we have been learning about ‘The Storm Whale’ by Benji Davies. The children have done some wonderful writing inspired by the book, focusing on including key components of a sentence, such as a full stop, capital letter, fingers spaces, and saying the sentence aloud to check it makes sense.

In Maths, we have been solving word problems and using part-whole diagrams linked to addition and subtraction. This has been challenging, but the children have really persevered with their learning.

We have began learning about Animals (including humans) in Science, and started by naming animals and categorising them. The children sorted animals in a venn diagram using criteria they set themselves, such as ‘has four legs’ or ‘lives in the water’. We then learned about the animals classification as either mammals, birds, fish, reptiles or amphibians, and ordered them into these categories.

The children have began designing ‘an island home’ as part of our Design and Technology. We looked at a variety of different homes, before the children produced 3 designs of their own, then settled on a final design. We look forward to making them soon!

Finally, in Forest School this week, it was wonderful to be back in the outdoors, where buds on the trees have turned into leaves, making all of Forest School much greener. We have built a new swing in Forest School, which was very popular, and to coincide with our learning about animals, the children helped me build a new Minibeast Mansion where we can observe bugs that will hopefully make the mansion their habitats!

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend everybody, and see you next week!

Mr Bennett

Week ending 26.3.21

We have had another busy week in Year 1!

In English, the children have worked really hard to write accurate sentences inspired by Katie Morag!

In Maths, we have continued to learn about numbers to 40, including finding more and less. We have done this practically using number squares and cubes, as well as counting forwards and backwards on a number line.

We have had a lot of Geography this week, and have enjoyed talking about the similarities and differences between The Isle of Struay and Tardebigge. We went on our walk around the local area on Thursday to think about these questions, and spotted many things that we be the same, but some differences too! We have also practised learning the countries of the UK, and made some crafts that represent the 4 countries to help remember them.

In our topic lessons, we have also got a bit crafty! We have made different crafts linked to Katie Morag; we have woven coloured paper to make tartan kilts, painted the buildings of Struay with watercolours and painted a portrait of Katie Morag with poster paint!

We finished of the week with a really great Forest School session. It's Mrs Barnett's birthday at the weekend, so we made her some birthday cakes (from what we could find in Forest School - mud, moss, leaves and sticks for candles!). It was a super end to the week!

We are checking reading diaries regularly and giving team points out on Fridays. Some children are starting to get certificates for all the team points they have collected for their reading at home! Please ensure if you are reading at home that you write in the diaries too please, as this will help the children get their certificate cards. 

We are still very sorry that we can't give out hard copies of books weekly. As part of the school's risk assessment to manage Covid, we will continue to use Bug Club primarily for reading. I know many parents are looking forward to having the hard copies of books back, and we will continue to review the risk assessment in school in order to do this - thanks for you cooperation.

We said goodbye to Mr McKirdy and Mr Thomas today, as they have come to the end of their school placement. The children will miss them and we wish them all the very best with the rest of their teaching courses!

Remember next week is a shorter than normal week due to Good Friday!

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

Mr Bennett

Week ending 12.3.21 Welcome back!

Welcome back everyone!

We have had a fantastic first week back in Year 1. It's been wonderful to see everyone who has been home learning since January, and the children who have been in school have loved having all their friends come back too.

We have celebrated British Science Week in school this week. Despite obvious restrictions, we have managed to learn about optical illusions in a Science Magic Show on Monday, and learn about recycling on Wednesday through Zoom calls with some Science experts! 

In our English, we have learned about Mary Anning, a famous fossil hunter from Dorset, who we then wrote sentences about. We have also had our own fossil hunt across the field, we have made fossils with salt dough.

Mr McKirdy and Mr Thomas have led the Science across two afternoons this week, and the children have loved desiging their own bug and building a raft for an egg.

We have finished off our week with a muddy trip to Forest School, where the children have built dens, made mud pies and built pretend campfires with their friends, which has been a lovely end to a busy week.

Across school, we have made a change to home readers. For the time being, children will not be bringing home reading books, but instead can access lots of texts on Bug Club. Log in details were sent out in Class Dojo messages a few weeks ago, but let me know if you need them again. I will continue to use Class Dojo for messages. Here is the link for the website:

PE will continue to be on Mondays and Tuesdays and Forest School will continue on Friday afternoons now. We hope to start Maths homework books again next week too. 

The children have done so well this week, with coming back to a busy classroom and school life being so different to home, and we are really pleased with how well they have settled :)

I hope you all have a great weekend, and a Happy Mothering Sunday too!

Mr Bennett

Week Ending 11.12.20

We have had the most fun filled and Christmassy week yet! The children have been on the go all week and have absolutely loved it!

In maths this week I have been introducing the concept of subtracting within 10, the children did SO well and all the adults were super impressed. They were even at a stage where they could begin to answer the questions on their festive maths baubles and decorate a Christmas tree with them! Some of them have even made it to our Christmassy display board for everyone to see! Well done mathematicians!

In phonics this week, we have been focussing on letters that have 2 sounds for example a long and short sound. This included the letters G, I and U. This is a tricky concept to grasp but through a ‘mingle mingle’ game or two and a lot of perseverance shown from the children. They were able to identify the long and short sounds of certain letter in our tricky sentences. We even did tricky words with the children this week such as ‘do’ ‘little’ ‘what’ and ‘when’ all of which the children did superbly. Well done again year 1!

In PE this week, the children had an energised dance lesson to the song ‘Just can’t wait to be king’ where an intricate dance is being put together, the children really enjoyed practicing being different animals and they even showed the adults how they could move at different levels. Year 1 also had a fitness lesson with myself this week, where we played Miss Harper said: Christmas edition. I’ve never seen so many energetic reindeer, snow angels and Father Christmas’ before! We also played a game of Santa tag which really got the children moving about! We have now begun to speak about what our body does once we’ve exercised- the children identified that they felt hot and sweaty and their hearts were beating faster too.

Forest School this week consisted of the children beginning to drill holes with the assistance of Mr Bennett through their pieces of sawed wood. We are all very impressed with their maturity and patience during the safety talks. They are coming along beautifully! When the children were not drilling they were exploring the muddy area around Forest School and pretending to be builders and animals and lots more! Very imaginative year 1!

In RE this week I am so impressed with the knowledge that the children have gained of the Christmas story or the Nativity. The children have been showing the Nativity through lots of different mediums of which you will see very soon. In RE on Friday the children learnt about the new testament and how it is made up of 4 Gospels, and that these 4 Gospels tell the stories of Jesus. We talked about the importance and the attributes of Jesus and why he is so important to Christians. The children showed these attributes of Jesus through some fab role play!

Finally, I would like to give a huge thank you to Mrs Barnett and Miss Rynn for all their support and Mr Bennett for mentoring 2 very enthusiastic PGCE students over the last 6 weeks. I cannot tell you how much we have enjoyed our experience in year 1. Your children have been so welcoming and have engaged with all the tasks we’ve created and showed us nothing but respect and kindness. We have been so so lucky to have been able to teach your children. And infact we have truly learnt so much from them too! They’ve been an incredible start to the start of our own journeys into becoming primary school teachers, so thank you so much.

Miss Cowen and I have had a wonderful last full week at with year 1 and we’re extremely grateful.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Stay Safe

Miss Harper

Week Ending 04.12.2020

What an exciting week we have had! Year One has started our Christmas festivities and have been doing lots of exciting arts and crafts tasks to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

In phonics we have been continuing phase five sounds and looking at the different sounds that the same letter can make when it is part of a word! It has been great to see the children’s progression over our time here and we have greatly enjoyed seeing them do super well in phonics.

The children have been involved in a lot of exciting crafts this week and have completed some lovely activities related to the Christmas nativity such as decorating a bedroom for baby Jesus and including what they might need to keep such a special baby safe. They have also began doing some Computing in which they created a virtual painting of the angel Gabriel arriving to Mary to tell her she will give birth to God’s son.

Later into the week the children enjoyed a muddy day in forest school! There was lots of lovely teamwork with children working together to build dens and feed the robins and birds that visit us in forest school with some bread.

This has been a fun filled week celebrating in the lead up to Christmas with beautiful singing, crafting, mechanical pictures, and some practice of our fine motor skills by making cheerio caterpillars.

It has been a pleasure to join Year One for the last six weeks and I have enjoyed every minute of it. The children have been an absolute delight to work with and have helped me greatly on my journey to becoming a teacher. I hope one day I will have a class as lovely as them!

Thank you Mr Bennett, Mrs Barnett, Miss Rynn and all the lovely Year One class for such an exciting time at Tardebigge!

Best wishes, Miss Cowen 😊

Week Ending 27.11.2020

Phew! What another incredible week we have had in Year 1!

We brought our Ocean Adventures theme to an end with a bang this week! With our swashbuckling pirate themed day on Thursday, the children made treasure maps, eye patches, did pirate colouring and even made some pirate grog with different fruit juices. All the photos taken should be up on Class Dojo by now. Go and take a look…if you dare!

In English this week, we have been continuing to explore the book ‘The Pirates Next Door’. The children have begun to describe things that they can see and describe the differences between characters. They were able to tell us how the people of Dull-on-Sea felt about pirates moving into their neighbourhood. We are SO impressed with their engagement and how hard they’ve all tried with their writing! Well done Year 1!

In phonics we have been tackling some tricky phase 5 digraphs such as ‘EY’ and even some split digraphs such as ‘I-E’, ‘O-E’ and ’A-E’. The children have really thrown themselves into their new digraphs and have tried so hard. We are all very impressed by them. This theme will continue into next week too!

In Maths we have started to use more developed language such as addition and equals and have discovered the signs that we use for these words. We have also used these signs in real life examples and games created by Miss Cowen. We managed to answer all the addition questions and got our teddy bears to their picnic. Hooray!

Forest school this week consisted of some of the children finishing off their sawing with Mr Bennett, and also continuing to explore and play as much as they could. It was quite wet this week, so some of the children did get rather muddy. It’s a sign of a good time reckon! Also, some of the children helped me plant the last of our daffodils ready for the spring- We found lots of worms which the children were fascinated over! Overall, they were a brilliant help! Thank you!

Towards the end of the week, we have started our new theme of Christmas to lead up to the end of the term. This has been all very exciting and we cannot wait to talk more about the Christmas story in RE and create some beautiful Christmas ‘things’ to keep and take home! We ended the week with a Christmas movie and some snacks. The children all loved it!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Stay safe!

Miss Harper

Week Ending 20.11.20

What a lovely week we have had! This week has been extremely exciting with the continuation of our pirate theme which the children have been enjoying through different lessons.

In phonics we have been continuing our phase 5 phonics sounds such as ‘au’, ‘ue’, ‘oe’, ‘ph’, ‘wh’, and ‘ph’. The children have been doing so well and are becoming phonics superstars!

We have finished our lowercase cursive handwriting practice and now have moved onto capital letters! The children have made excellent progress and enjoy spotting the capital letter for their name.

In learning opportunities, we have had an enjoyable week exploring making items 3D using different materials to make our crafts. We have had some amazing parrots who are now on display in our treasure island role play area and some painted pirate faces which have turned out fantastic. The children have also been working on their fine motor skills this week with Miss Harper creating word art with buttons which have turned out delightful.

In Maths this week we have continued our learning about number bonds and making number stories to illustrate our addition work. In English we have been practicing our writing by describing characters from the book ‘The Pirates Next Door’.

In the middle of our busy week we had a great time in Forest School, with some children using drills to create holes in wood and some more children demonstrating excellent teamwork by building dens together.

Thank you for another great week Year One!

Have a lovely weekend, Miss Cowen 😊

Week Ending 13.11.2020

Hello everyone, it’s Miss Harper here, I am one of the PGCE students currently in Year 1 and what another fantastic week we’ve had!

In Learning Opportunities this week, we have been doing a wide range of activities! Such as creating beautiful tissue paper and felt poppies to show our respect to the soldiers who fought for us in the war and remembering and discussing people in our families, that may have had something to do in the war too. It has been very interesting! Also in Learning Opportunities we have been introducing our final section of ‘Ocean Adventures’ with the concept of PIRATES! The children have been colouring and labelling pirates with Miss Cowen, as well as working with me to answer the question ‘What do I treasure most?’ on pirate coins to then be added to a pirate theme display! This theme will continue into next week’s Learning Opportunities too!

Phonics this week has consisted of more phase 5 sounds such as OY, IR, UE and AW, all of which the children have had a really good go at, they’ve really engaged with the activities and games we’ve set up and we are impressed with their progress! We will make phonics stars out of them all yet!

In maths we have been discussing number bonds to 10 and using different methods to show how we can make the number bonds. The children have really enjoyed using different objects such as numicons, sweets, counting cubes, beads and even colourful dinosaurs to show how we can make 10. The children have really benefited from being able to visually see what it physically looks like to make 10 of something.

In Forest school this week, the children have all started to have a go at using a saw (with Mr Bennett’s supervision) to cut a piece of wood from a log! This tasks showed team work and the importance of listening to the teacher and concentrating on the task at hand. The children have really enjoyed learning this new skill and were all very diligent in listening to Mr Bennett’s safety talk, beforehand. Well done year 1!

I also thought I’d let you know that Miss Cowen and I have both been made to feel so welcome by the children! We’re excited to continue to work with them on the lead up to Christmas!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Stay Safe

Miss Harper 😊

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