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Week Ending 23.10.2020

What a half term it has been! The children have returned to school in unusual circumstances, but have shown amazing resilience and so much enthusiasm to get on with their learning. We are really proud with how they have settled back into new routines and just got on with it. 

We have been consolidated our learning of numbers from 0-10, along with the understanding of more, less, fewer and greater and have started to learn about number bonds to 10. We have had a variety of number bonds activities set up throughout the classroom and our aim is for all children to eventually have instant recall of their number bonds to 10 - as this can support many aspects of Maths.

We have loved learning about Rainbow Fish; we have read the story in different ways and have even performed it using character masks. Some children have completed their writing on retelling parts of the story, where others will finish after half term holidays. 

We are ready to start Phase 5 phonics after the holidays, where the children will learn a host of new sounds. To support this at home, I would suggest using a web resource that we frequently use in school called 'Phonics Play'. They are still offering free access with the username - march20 and the password - home, so please make the most of this free service while it is still free!

For our Science, we have been learning about the 5 senses. We have had a variety of foods in the tuff tray in the classroom where children can see, feel, hear and smell what they are like. In Forest School yesterday, the children used their tastebuds to see what it was like to taste the vegetables when they had been cooked in a big pot on the fire. So many children tried the veggie stew, and lots liked it (some even loved it and had seconds!). 

There will be a change to the Forest School timetabling for after half term - we will now be doing Forest School on Wednesday afternoons. We feel this will give the children more chance to focus on core learning in the morning. The can bring their Forest School waterpoofs and other clothes in a bag, which we will then change into after lunch. They can still come to school wearing jogging bottoms in the morning, with uniform on top. PE remains the same for Monday and Tuesday.

Thank you for your continued support this half term with the many changes to school routines and for preparing the children so well for their return to school. We hope you have an enjoyable half term break and we look forward to seeing the children return in a week.

All the best,

Mr Bennett

Week ending 9.10.20



Another busy week in Year 1! 

In Phonics we have began learning Phase 4, focusing on CCVC words such as 'stop', 'skip', 'frog' etc. To make up for time out of school last year, we are running two Phonics sessions per day. It's hard work but the children are responding brilliantly and we have already seen so much progress!

In Forest School, the children went on a conker hunt and filled a bucket with conkers from the Horse Chestnut tree in the church meadow! On our investigation table, we have used magnifying glasses to look closer at conkers, acorns and other autumnal things we have found to see what they look like in more detail and describe it.

In Maths we have been learning about numbers between 0 and 10 and working to become fluent with understanding the order forwards and back, and more and less.

Today we marked 'Yellow Day' by wearing something yellow in school. We had a discussion in class about why we were doing this, and talked a little about mental health. We talked about ways we would keep our bodies healthy like eating fruit and vegetables, excercise and drinking water, then discussed some strategies for keeping our minds feeling healthy too, like playing nicely with our friends, listening to each other (especially when someone is sad) and spending time doing things we like with the people we love.  

Next week, we will start learning a song for Harvest, which we hope to showcase on Class Dojo at the end of the week for you all to enjoy.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and see you next week,

Mr Bennett

Week ending 2.10.20

We have had another super week in Year 1! The children have settled back into school so well with the many new routines.

This week, we have been reading ‘Only One You’ by Linda Kranz. It led us on to a discussion about how everyone is unique, with the children then thinking about what makes them unique. They have written some fantastic sentences about things that interest them and aspects of their personality that make them unique. They have also worked hard to include full stops at the end of the sentences too!

We have used this book for inspiration for some Art too. The class designed their own unique pebble fish, just like in the book, then went on to paint their design onto paper for display. Next week, they will be able to then paint it onto a salt dough pebble.

We have been working on comparing numbers in Maths, particularly focussing on using the vocabulary: ‘more than’, ‘less than’, ‘fewer’ and ‘as many as’. The children compared sorting toys onto different desert islands in the tuff tray to show their understanding.

In Phonics, we are wrapping up our revision on Phase 3 sounds - these are linked to the new assignments set on Spelling Shed. I am really pleased with the progress in the childrens Phonics already, they have worked really hard at sound talking then blending.

Next week, there will be a slight change to routine. We will now be doing a second P.E. session on Tuesdays, instead of Forest School. The children will need to come into school in P.E. kit just like on Monday, and obviously won’t need to bring any waterproofs for Forest School. We will still be doing Forest School on Thursday as it stands.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Mr Bennett

14th March 2020

Hello, this is Miss Machin, I have taken over the blog this week.

Wow! We have had another busy yet fabulous week this week.

This week was British Science week. On Monday, we were experiementing how to make dull coins shiny using household objects like ketchup and salt and vinegar. They were all very exited about how shiny the coins got. It makes me very proud to see all the children loving my science lessons and being so enthusiastic! On Tuesday, we read a Greta and giants, and understanding the action Greta Thunberg is taking towards climate change. Wednsday was the busiest of all, a day jam packed with science experiments. First, we started off in Reception, where we had to make a boats to escape off the island with our treasure (10g coins), we had set a high standard of 80g for the rest of the school to beat. Next, we experiemented which rope would be best for ballon rockets to fly across. However, most of the childrens favourite of the day was in Year 3, experimenting the water ressistance of each planet to see which one we could land on. In the afternoon the experiements continued, we explored non contact forces and magnets and learnt new words like attract and repel.

In English we looked at how Noi and his Dad might be feeling when Dad goes to work. The children have wrote sentences about why each character might feel this way with lots of children using conjunctions such as and and because to extend their sentences.

In Maths, we are working through our singapore maths books. We have been looking at tens and ones up to 40. We have been using our tall towers of tens to help us. On Thursday we had a very pratical lesson with the tens blocks to ensure that all the children can count in groups of tens and add on the ones. Being able to count in tens helps the children lots too!

Phonics, we have been going over alternate phonemes and working out which phoneme going in the word such as the ou sound in loud, group and would. The children have tried very hard and learnt that they might have to try the different phonemes in the word.

DT - I want to say a massive Thankyou for bring in all the fantastic resources for your children, the end result of was great! The children were very enthusiastic to build their own houses, they all asked for extra minutues at the end.

A additional note. We have just done an RE lesson and I have been really impressed with the work they have created. We were looking at pilgrimages that Christians make to Jerusalem and the Haj that Muslims make to Mecca. I asked the children if they could make a pilgrimage to anywhere in the world where would they go. Lots of children drew pictures of holidays they had been on, the swimming pool and most of they wanted to visiting Nanny and Grandads house. This is so lovely to see!

Well done Year 1 for a brilliant week, we have a treat on Monday for your fantastic behaviour!

Love Miss Machin x

Hope you have a wonderful weekend Year 1 - see you Monday. Mrs Welsh

6th March 2020

Gosh what a busy week we have had! It was lovely to see you again at Parents Evening and to be able to celebrate the progress your child is making. I am really pleased with the hard work and mindset of our Year One Class.

World book day: WOW the children looked absolutely amazing in their costumes. We spent the day listening to favourite stories, acting out stories and loving books and reading. The teachers read a range of books and comic strips. The children also learnt how to draw Dennis the Menace and really impressed me with their effort and outcome.

Maths: We have started the first chapter of our new Maths books. We are working on numbers to 40, including reading, writing, and making numbers. In Singapore Maths we grouped the numbers into 10’s and counted them, we then counted the left-over ones. You could practice this at home, making bundles of 10’s plus some ones. The children should count the 10’s first and then the remaining ones, 10, 20, 30, 31, 32, 33 etc.

English: We looked at the book cover of the book we are working on, ‘The Storm Whale’ by Benji Davis. We discussed the dialogue between Noi (the little boy) and his dad. The children thought of questions and responses that the characters might give; they wrote these up using question marks to punctuate their work.

Science: As a school we have been leant microscopes from the Royal British Microscopical Society. Year One had a great time on Monday afternoon exploring the slides that had been provided, looking through lens, and seeing if we could make our own magnifiers using drops of water. We also had a text from Noi telling us a pipe had burst and he needed some waterproof material to fix it. The children had a great time testing a range of material to help Noi fix his leaky pipe.

I hope you have a very happy weekend. Next week we look forward to British Science week with lots of exciting and engaging Science investigations and activities throughout the week. Also, a reminder that on Monday it is class photograph day! 

Sara Welsh

1st March 2020

Welcome back! I hope you had a really lovely relaxing half term. It was lovely to see the children on Monday. The children got back into the swing of things very quickly and this week had flown by.

English: We semi introduced our new book for this term. The children had a copy of the front cover of the book but with the title covered over, they studied it closely and wrote all the things they could see in the picture. They put these words into sentences. Next week the book title will be reviled! We will then continue reading the story.

Phonics: We have continued re-capping the different digraphs which make the same sound, for example ow as in snow, oe as in tomatoes, oa as in goat and o-e as in phone. I have given the children a word and they have attempted spelling it with the different sounds, then thought about the general rules and tried to work out which spelling is correct, for example, the word play may be written – plai or play, but we know that the ‘ay’ normally comes at the end of the word and ‘ai’ comes in the middle.

Maths: We have continued working hard to complete our first Singapore maths book. We have worked on the review chapter. There are over 40 questions from all the work covered from September and they jumped around from addition, shape, position, subtraction to place value. The children were tackling them well and it showed a real understanding of the learning covered this year.

The children loved eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Thank you for sending in donations to raise money for Primrose Hospice.

A reminder that it is Parents Evening on Tuesday and also it is a Beano or Dandy comic dress up day for World Book Day on Thursday. We look forward to seeing your costumes!

Sara Welsh

15th February 2020

Well half term is here along with more weather! The children have been very excited today especially because they were wearing something they loved and, as it was the last Friday of the half-term, we had chocolate for our snack! We have had such a lovely, busy week but are ready for a break and hopefully a nice relaxing time.

English: We made posters to invite tourists to the Isle of Struay in light of the new pier being built! The children also thought about and recorded their favourite Katie Morag story and gave reasons why the story was their favourite.

Maths: We have worked on 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes, recognising and naming these shapes, looking at their properties and grouping shapes in sets. We have nearly completed our first Singapore maths books. The children have worked so hard and impressed me.

Science: The children reviewed the work they have done this half term about animals including humans. There is a lot of new language involved in this topic and different ways of sorting animals into sets. These include the ways we group animals by the foods that they eat; omnivore, herbivore and carnivore and the different animals; fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. It would be very helpful if you could continue to discuss this at home.

RE: The children continued to think about different Special and Sacred Places. They talked about what was special to them. We briefly discussed what would make a place of worship special to a Christian. The children went to our church in small groups and took photos of the objects within the church that they thought were the most important to a believer.

Please, please, please continue to read over the half term. The more your child reads, the more fluent they will become and the more understanding they will have of the book they are reading. Please discuss the story and plot, what might happen next, how the characters feel, what your child would do if they were that character etc. Also discuss the choices the author made, why did they use that word, which other words could they have used, would you have ended the story like that, what could have been an alternative ending? You can do this with their bedtime stories, which sometimes have a bit more exciting content, as well as with their reading books.

I hope you have a really lovely, relaxing half term. I certainly feel like lots of the children need the rest and some recuperation. Have a super week and see you all on Monday 24th.

Sara Welsh

7th February 2020

Yippee! We have internet at home, so Mrs Welsh has two happy children at home and the blog goes live on Friday! At school the children have worked hard this week.

Mrs Medlicott and I have been assessing children’s reading. We have listened to them read a range of books with varying levels of difficulty and asked the children to answer a range of retrieval and understanding questions. We will complete this next week and then look at reading groups and levels of books. 

We compared the character and appearance of the two Grandmas in the Katie Morag story. We thought of adjectives to describe Grannie Island and Grandma Mainland. The children thought about similarities, for example, both Grannies love Katie Morag and the differences, for example, Grannie Island wears farming clothes and Grandma Mainland wear fancy clothes.

Phonics: We continued working on split digraphs, for example, u-e, we show the children c u t, then when you add the e to cut it says cute. 

Maths: We have been working hard to complete our first Singapore maths book. We have been looking at the addition and subtraction facts to 20 and the fact family, so if you know 8+5=13 you could also know 13-8=5 and 5+8=13 and 13-5=8

In the next ‘number family’ we only use the numbers 3, 11,14. (sometimes the children will then add the 3 to the 14 and get 17 – We say, ‘that number isn’t in the number family’

3 + 11 = 14

11 + 3 = 14

14 – 11 = 3

14 – 3 = 11

We will keep revisiting this so that the children have a really good understanding of the concept of addition, subtraction and the inverse. We discussed that the mathematical term of being able to swap the numbers over and still get the same answer is known as ‘commutative’. 

Next week is the last week before half term, I’m sure it will be a fantastic one. Have a lovely weekend. See you Monday.

Sara Welsh

2nd February 2020

We have had another good week in Year 1. I can’t believe it is the end of January already, 2020 is just whizzing!

English: We have begun reading, ‘Katie Morag and Tiresome Ted’. We thought about how Katie Morag was feeling and why this was. They wowed me with their vocabulary, some of their language to describe how they thought Katie was feeling when the new baby arrives was so impressive. They used mature words and phrases like, ‘lonely, upset, despair, hopeless, left out, jealous, dismayed, alone.’ The children thought about questions they could write in a letter to Katie Morag and ways they could cheer her up.

Maths: We added one digit numbers to teen numbers. We partitioned the teen number into the 10’s and 1’s and then added the ones together and added this onto the tens. The children could again do the maths but found the recording of the part, part whole, tricky. We have moved on to subtraction and used two different strategies, counting backward in ones and subtracting by crossing out. The children have worked hard and have a solid understanding of these two strategies.

Phonics: We have been focusing on split digraphs, (this used to be called magic ‘e’). We have talked about when the ‘e’ is added the vowel doesn’t say its sound which they have already learnt but says its name. So pet becomes Pete, tub becomes tube with magic ‘e’ making the vowel say its name. We have looked at all 5 vowels and words associated with these. So a-e as in make, cake, shape, e-e as in Pete, theme, even, i-e as in inside, slide, nice, prize, o-e as in home, phone, throne and u-e as in tube, huge, excuse. It is really important that the children are able to identify these in their reading.

Science: The children were taught about herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. They sorted animals into these groups, and we have tried to talk about different animals and what they eat and which category they fit into. My sister, who is a year 6 teacher, was looking at my books this weekend and said she was doing similar work with her year 6’s! It is a year 1 science objective but to ensure the knowledge is embedded the children need to keep using the language involved, which we do in our daily dashboard.

Sorry this didn’t get posted on Friday my internet has been down at home, (much to my children’s dismay)! See you tomorrow.

Sara Welsh

26th January 2020

We have had another lovely week and the children are working hard and behaving so well. They really are a Year 1 class now!

English: We have completed the story, ‘Katie Morag Delivers the Mail.’ The children recalled the key events of the story, recorded their favourite part of the story and explained why they liked it.

Maths: Singapore maths has become a little tricky this week! We have been adding numbers to 20 and having to partition numbers. Some of the children find it easier to just add without the partitioning. However, when you look higher up the school, you can really see the value of the children being able to partition and re-group their numbers when doing addition. It is a strategy many adults use without giving it a thought but teaching it has been difficult. If the children are adding 8 and 4 instead of counting on like we used to do, they would now partition the 4, add 2 to the 8 to make 10 and then add the 2 to the ten to get 12. We recorded the partitioning in our part, part whole diagram. I think it is frustrating for those children who think they just know the answer, however, it will really benefit them in the long run and it does give a real sense of number.

Phonics: Phase 5 is going well. The children have learnt the alternative for ‘ew’ as in stew, blew, screw and ‘oe’ as in toe, Joe, dominoes and ‘au’ as in haunt, August and sauce.

Science: We set a pet shop up in the classroom then had a pretend ‘break in’ in school. The children were so excited when the police tape was broken so they could enter the classroom. They found clues to discover which pets had been ‘stolen’. They then recorded what they thought a pet needs to live a happy, healthy life.

We had a wonderful time on Wednesday morning. I had intended to go down to Forest School but once we got down there it was so cold and muddy we decided to go on a wellie walk instead. It was just fabulous. We walked down the field towards the canal, along the field and sprinted up the big hill. The children who were last were chatting as they wandered up the hill and the rest of the class raced down to encourage them in their climb up to the top. Then when the whole class was on top of the hill the children burst into spontaneous cheers and applause! We looked at signs of winter and hopeful signs of spring to come. We saw our first snowdrops and daffodils poking through the soil. The children had a fantastic time and I hope they appreciate how lucky we are in where our school is situated.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. See you tomorrow.

Sara Welsh

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