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The School's Aims

At Tardebigge we aim to

• create a love for coming to school where both staff and children’s’ health and well-being is of paramount importance and everyone thoroughly enjoys their learning experience;

• We aim to create an atmosphere of serving God in others and to nurture an ethos that reflects the school’s Christian tradition, develops the self-esteem of all those involved and encourages mutual respect for the religious beliefs and cultures of others in our local and global community;

• improve the attainment of children and the efficiency of staff through the use of IT and Computing;

• ensure all children and adults strive and persevere to improve on their previous personal best in their spiritual, moral, intellectual, and physical development;

• be an inclusive, safe school that provides equal opportunities so that all can ‘live in its fullness.’

• provide an exciting, 'hands on' learning environment which establishes a working partnership between school, home and the community that achieves excellence in work, behaviour and attendance;

• deliver a personal, creative and balanced curriculum that instils an awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the need to care for the local and global environment;

• ensure that rigorous self-evaluation and focused continual professional development of all staff leads to continual improvement within a supportive environment where expertise is shared and financial resources are targeted appropriately to meet the needs of our school vision.

All members of the school community were consulted and included in producing Tardebigge’s Vision, Mission and Aims statements.

Finally, we recognise that we are on a journey and within the context of that journey we will continually review our School’s aims and vision. We welcome thoughts and input with regard to the aims of the school from all quarters and at any time.