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Absence from School

If your child is unwell and not able to attend school, please inform the school office before 9.30am. We have an answer phone service for our busy times of the day and you may also inform us by email, which will be acknowledged.
If your child is well enough to attend school then they are well enough to take part in playtimes, swimming and Forest School sessions. If there is a specific medical reason why your child should not take part in the above as diagnosed by a GP i.e. ear infection for swimming lesson, then this would be accepted by the school.
Pupil attendance is monitored regularly by the school and the school's Education Welfare Officer. We keep parents/carers informed during the year of children's attendance levels.

Request of Leave of Absence

All parents and carers should make an appointment to see the Head teacher regarding taking their children out of school during the school term.

For the leave of absence to be authorised by the Head teacher/Governors there has to be a special reason. Unfortunately finance cannot be taken into account when applying for leave.

Would parents/carers please endeavour to book their leave from employment during the 13 weeks of school holidays available. The government has outlined that there is a direct link between attendance and attainment, i.e. the better the attendance the better the attainment.

Medicine in school

All medication related to Asthma, Diabetes & Anaphalactic shock (i.e. nut allergies) are kept in the classroom of each pupil where required. It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to ensure this medication is kept up to date. You will be advised when we require a repeat prescription.

GP Prescribed Medication

In accordance with the County Council Policy, medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor, and need to be administered to the child in school hours, must be handed into and collected from the school office by an adult. Written instructions regarding dosage must accompany the medicine, which should be signed by the parent or guardian. We are sorry, but the staff are not permitted to administer any medication which is paracetamol based unless it is prescribed by a doctor.